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Blackberry Torch Clear Protective Skins

Blackberry Torch has recently been launched andimmediately got the title as the best blackberry which was previously awarded to Blackberry Bold 9700, its cousin. The model is already available to AT&T network’s phone service plans. Australia’s Vodafone network is almost ready to share this new revelation from Blackberryto their subscribers.

Blackberry torch is beyond any Blackberry phones that were launched before it. It’s a touch screen phone with physical keyboard and updated operating system with browser. The kind of phone that everybody wants to own, it is, will surely hit the market big time.

Blackberry Torch Features:

Let’s take a closer look on what this latest addition tothe Blackberry sensation offers:

  • Multimedia – Its multimedia features has been maximized to meet every body’s demand. It 8GB memory is expandable up to 32GB to let you immerse to everything that inspires you. Its amazing pinch and zoom features let’s you zoom the camera out by pinching on the screen and zoom it in simply b expanding your two fingers. It has a full-featured music player to maximize you experience. It let’s you browse easily among track listings and view full album in landscape or portrait.
  • Camera – Its 5 megapixels camera lets you easily capture precious moments spontaneously. It’s built with flash with continuous image stabilization and auto-focus with 11 choices of settings and video recording.
  • Social Feeds – Its social feeds feature has been integrated to bring together your inspiration sources. You can have your RSS feeds and social network filtered and gathered in on view. It lets you easily update them in just one post.
  • Browsing – It lets you have a smooth browsing experience by allowing you to open multiple websites with tabbed browsing. You can have your favorite sites bookmarked with customized icons and let it be accessible in the home screen.
  • Smart Phone – Blackberry Torch is truly a remarkable phone. Having all its new features set up with the help of right tools, it would be the most user-friendly yet sophisticated phone you can own.
  • Battery Life – This phone has been perfectly designed for business and planning just as it won’t let you down with its 5.8 hours talk time. It can get your life lighten up by letting you enjoy music for 30 hours and video playback of 6 hours.
  • Graphics - Torch is designed with 6 icons and graphic the way you anyone would want their phone does.

Blackberry Torch comes with 4GB microSD card and 4GB of built-in memory. Its memory can be expanded with a capacity of up to 32GB of micoSD. MicroSD cards are separately sold. Some portion of its memory is utilized for other functions such as formatting and is not used for data storage.

A data plan is required to enjoy all of its features. Just contact your service providers to check what they can support. For the device to have its connectivity-dependent features to continuously function, it must remain connected. Its battery life is affected by network coverage and availability as well as with transmission environment and location.

Best Skins Ever – Make Life Easier and More Stylish With a Blackberry Torch Clear Protective Skin

Blackberry Torch really is a magical possession not just because of its features but also how it makes your life easier while on the go. Keeping you updated with the society at the same time being an efficient business partner with all the cost opportunity it lets you save. You will want to purchase a Blackberry Torch clear protective skin to keep it looking good all the time and build a long lasting relationship with your shiny gadget. Pick up your Blackberry Torch transparent skins, starting at $5.99 and keep your Blackberry Torch performing better, faster and longer.

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