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What Are the Best Photo Apps for Phones & Tablets?

Thanks to advances in mobile technology, the digital cameras built into smartphones and tablets get more use than traditional digital cameras. Because of Internet access, people can now take pictures and immediately upload them to social media sites. Since these devices are so widely used, customers are eager to find photo-editing apps that don't require a laptop or desktop computer. In response, software creators are developing apps for both iOS and Android operating systems.


Nik Software created Snapseed. It was formerly only available for iOS, but has recently been released for the Android operating system. It is only compatible with Android devices that use the 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system or later. This means that many smartphones that still use the Gingerbread operating system (Android 2.3) are not compatible with the program. Snapseed is a free app that can be downloaded either from Google Play or iTunes.

Snapseed is highly rated by Gadget Soup, the Globe Press and Imaging-Resource, as well as other tech authorities. Snapseed was ranked as iTunes' Best Mobile App of 2012. It was also rated as the Top iPad App of the Year.

Snapseed allows users to upload their photos to Google+, which isn't possible with other photo editing apps. The iOS version of Snapseed also has new features that aren't present on the Android version yet. The Retrolux feature allows users to create vintage-like styles, scratch and/or texture effects along with light leaks. It also allows users to choose different frame styles and frame colors. Both the Android and iOS versions let you adjust contrast, filters, and exposures, all of which will turn your "snaps," as they are called, into more professional looking photos.


Instagram is available for both Android and iOS operating systems. The familiar program is one that people often use for sharing photos on social media networks because of its web integration, but many users may not be aware that it also has very good artistic filters and a selective focus dropper. The nice thing about Instagram is even if you upload photos from a mobile device, you can access them on a computer by using Instagram from the Internet. With Instagram, editing and sharing features are integrated.


EyeEm is another free photo editing and sharing app that is similar to Instagram. The newest version, which was released in September 2012, added something called DiscoverFeed. It is designed to observe the things you like as you use EyeEm, and from there, it creates a photo feed based on your interests. As EyeEm learns your interests, the photo feed changes.

EyeEm is a network, like Instagram, but EyeEm is based on the interests you share with other people, while Instagram is based on friendships you create through social media networks.

Pic Collage

Pic Collage is a free app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. It makes it possible for users to turn their cell phone or tablet photos into collages by adding special effects, text, and more. It also has a built-in feature that allows for sharing the collage on Facebook and Twitter. Think of Pic Collage as if you had all the tools you'd use for scrapbooking, but in digital form. If you want stickers or more backgrounds, you can purchase those.


This program is only available for iPhone and iPad. It makes it possible for users to create photo strips like those that you'd get in an old-fashioned photo booth. You create these on your iPhone or iPad and then can upload the photo strips to Facebook or Twitter. You can also attach them to emails. However you share them, you'll get to create fancy retro photo strips.

These photo-editing apps are designed to allow users to do basic things like crop, rotate, and resize photos. Many offer additional features that allow for the creation of special effects and even collages, all possible through complete digital production. High-end mobile devices are made with high quality cameras that almost render the pocket digital camera that was once the only way to take pictures. No matter which app you choose for your phone, don’t forget to protect it with one of the phone skins on Best Skins Ever!