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Releasing the Microsoft Surface Pro - On Sale

According to Microsoft, the Surface is a revolutionary new device that is so different, it’s defying categorization. It’s a tablet that runs Office apps. Click in the keyboard and it’s a laptop, too. With ports galore, it’s the one device that does what you need and want to do.

Best Skins Ever offers Skin unique protection for the Microsoft Surface Pro.  We offer both the glossy and matte options for this device and many of our other product offerings.

To celebrate the launch of our new Microsoft Surface Pro Skins they are on sale for a short period of time with shipments beginning as early as tomorrow.  Order your Microsoft Surface Pro Skins now.

Surface Pro Press 1-380-75 SKU L 1359 Microsoft Surface Pro

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We also offer a full line of Tablet Skins along with a wide range of Smart Phones and Apple products.  Check out our application video to see how easy our Skins are to apply.

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About Best Skins Ever:
Best Skins Ever, based out of Westminster, Colorado and founded in 2005, provides scratchproof protective skins, covers & screen protectors for smart phones, laptops, tablet computers, media devices and more. Best Skins Ever skins are durable and nearly scratchproof with a forgiving, self-healing characteristic, providing an unbeatable amount of protection.

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