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Screen Protectors

  • Tablet Skins: Protecting yours One Screen at a Time

    Everyday the world is becoming a little more mobile. The demand for data has become up-to-the-second. It seems like just yesterday, “the internet” was considered to be those free sample CDs AOL used to mail out. Today, if you’re unable to check your email, order a latte and stream your favorite TV shows at the same time than your commute is ruined.

    We want data: always.

    To keep up with the heavy-duty demand for data – your mobile device (be it mobility phone, tablet, netbook, etc.) has to be pretty durable.

    How do you go to work on a tablet from dusk until dawn and still keep it free from finger smudges after lunch, coffee/tea/other wake-up beverages, and other variables that can lead to scratches and blemishes?

    Tablet skins and screen protectors can help your cause. Designed to the manufacturer’s specs and easy to apply – full-body skins and screen protectors provide a clear, protective layer between your precious tablet and the everyday dangers at home, in the office or on the commute that can harm or tarnish your tablet’s display or casing.

    Now is where the fun begins: Are you an Apple or Android kind of person?

    Do you prefer a tablet with an HD display, out-of-this-world processor speed and the operating system that essentially paved the way for all mobile giants? If so, you’re probably an Apple person – and you’re most likely in possession of the new iPad. If so, how do you feel about having an unprotected HD screen with its 2048x1536-pixel resolution at 264 ppi?

    I think its safe to assume your screen would rather go untouched – perhaps an iPad 3 Screen Protector or full body skin would do the trick?

    That is, unless, you prefer the dynamically growing line of Android-based tablets ranging from Amazon’s Kindle Fire to Samsung’s new 10” model of the popular Galaxy Tab. Whether you’re seeking ultimate entertainment or proven performance – Android tablets are strong stakeholders in the mobile market. That being said, Kindle Fire Skins as well as other newly emerging tablet skins are becoming that much more important on a daily basis.

    Whether you prefer iOS or Droid products – the solution is clear – protect your beloved tablet today.

  • Best Skins Ever May 2012 Gadget Round Up

    Welcome to May’s Best Skins Ever Gadget round up. Here, we bring you the latest and hottest news, rumors, stories and trends for your favorite electronics that we are committed to protecting.

    Latest iPad mini rumor puts price at $200 with 8GB Storage (CNET)

    This spring's New iPad was the world’s worst kept secret for some time. After a very successful debut, the rumor mills are buzzing once again for the future of apple gadgets. The next logical step would be some sort of iPhone 5, as many as expected (and hoped) for their Fall release last year. On top of the awaited arrival of the new iPhone – Apple looks to be developing a smaller, cheaper iPad.

    Recommended Products: iPad 3 Skins , iPhone Skins


    Top 10 Cell Phones (PCWorld)

    PCWorld put out a slew of Top 10 lists last month, including the Top 10 best smartphones currently on the market. A bit of a surprise has Androids winning the top 5 spots on this list, with the iPhone 4 coming in sixth place. Their numero uno? The HTC One S.

    Recommended Products: Droid Skins , HTC One S Skin

    Amazon’s Kindle Fire Now Has Over Half The U.S. Android Tablet Market (Tech Crunch)

    With some steep competition from Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, ASUS and their Eee Pad and Barnes & Noble’s from the e-reader market. But since their November 2011 release of the Kindle Fire – surveys now estimate Amazon as the kings of the Tablet Market. As of February 2012, the Kindle Fire makes up 54.4% of the US Android Tablet Market.

    Recommended Products: Kindle Fire Skins , Samsung Galaxy Tab , ASUS Eee Pad Screen Protector ,

  • Screen Protectors for your eReader

    Electronic devices like eReaders are helping to change the world, and open up brand-new possibilities for users of all ages. While your multi-function smartphone may be a little too much for your parents or grandparents to handle, pretty much anyone can figure out how to use a Kindle, Nook or any of the other eReaders that bring the written word to the device-using masses. However, owning an eReader doesn’t make them experts, and that’s why protective skins are so important. Have you ever tried reading a book with a ripped page? Imagine what it would be like if every page was ripped.

    Electronic Reading

    The eReader craze has flooded the market with brand-new material, opening the world up to a wealth of new writing and entertainment that was never available before. From classics to underground fiction, it’s possible to download just about any kind of book onto an eReader device -— and the world is paying attention. The Nook, the Kindle and the many other eReaders out there are becoming the must-have tablet devices of gadget lovers and readers everywhere.

    Even those who aren’t electronics-savvy can be book fans who want a little reading material, and few electronic devices are as simple to use as an eReader. However, not everyone knows how to keep those electronic devices safe. It’s just like owning a car — you can’t buy one and suddenly become a great driver. And you can’t buy an eReader and magically become an electronics expert. Thankfully, there are real experts out there who know how to help.

    Tablet Skins

    New apps available on eReaders make them function more like tablets, which can be used to do everything from reading books to surfing the web. But no matter what you’re doing, you want to protect that device. Casual finger-flicking through pages can become extremely damaging if you’ve got a hangnail, a ragged edge on a fingernail, a diamond ring that flipped itself around the wrong way. When you’re in the middle of some fascinating reading material, what are the odds that you’re going to notice something so small?

    Just one casual movement, and that diamond can tear a scratch right across your screen. That nail can create a jagged mark. Suddenly, every single page of that fascinating ebook has a blemish right across it. Reading isn’t so fun now. All of this can be avoided…with the right tablet skin to protect you.

    eReader Screen Protectors actually guard against scratches. The scratch-proof skins resist abrasions, wear and tear to keep that screen crystal clear. If you think that skins are just something for decoration, you're wrong. The right screen protectors aren’t just made for putting fun colors and detailed designs on your favorites electronic device, they actually protect them from general use and unexpected scratches. Whether you get a full tablet skin or just the protective screen cover, get something to keep your eReader looking perfect. Because what good is an electronic book, when the pages can still look ripped and weird when you’re trying to read them?

  • Best Skins Ever April 2012 Gadget Round Up

    Welcome to April’s Best Skins Ever Gadget round up. Here, we bring you the latest and hottest news, rumors, stories and trends for your favorite electronics that we are committed to protecting.

    This month, we will be doing a special iPad Only Edition of the Gadget Round Up. Best Skins Ever’s new iPad Skin and HD Display Cover completely dominated our site as the most popular products. So in appreciation of your iPad obsessions, we’re giving you what you want – the latest and greatest Apple news.


    Apple iPhone, iPad sales higher than expected, says analyst (CNET)

    You knew it, Tim Cook knew it and analyst Mark Moskowitz knew it, Apple was going to sell a lot of tablets and a lot of phones in the first three months of the year. But even JP Morgan could not predict exactly how fierce the tech giant’s first spring release under a new CEO would be.

    The financial firm raised their Q1 iPhone sales predictions to 31.1 million, from 28.1 million previously. iPad estimates were already high and still expect to reach 13.8 million, up from the 10.1 million initial forecast.

    For the remained of the year, Moskowitz is looking at iPhone sales of 138.2 million, to eclipse the former estimate of 128.7 million.  iPad sales could hit 69.6 million in 2012, as opposed to an earlier prediction of 58.6 million. That’s even without any official – but expected – announcement of a new iPhone release later in the year.

    "Looking ahead, our assumption is that a new iPhone 5 with a thinner body and LTE capability will be launched in [the second half of 2012], which should sustain the iPhone's above-peer growth trajectory," Moskowitz said.

    Moskowitz also expects Apple to refresh its MacBook lineup in the next quartrer, says Moskowitz, a safe bet since Apple unveiled new-model MacBooks in April 2011.

    Recommended Products: iPad 3 Skins , iPhone Skins


    iPad mini to be closer in size to Samsung's Note? (CNET)

    While Apple fanatics are still gushing over the latest tablet – Mac fiends are already beginning to look to the future of gadgetry.

    Rumors are constantly swirling about new lines of MacBooks, the iPhone 5 as well as the buzz created over Apple’s hunt for some sort of 5-inch display model. Possibly for something bigger than an iPhone and smaller than the iPad. iPad mini rumors will likely continue to swirl until the second half of the year or possibly until another historic spring release.

    Until then…

    Recommended Products: iPad 3 Screen Protectors , iPhone Screen Protectors

    For reading, the new iPad's screen is underrated (MacWorld)

    Editor/Tech writer Dan Frakes from MacWorld likes the new iPad HD display more than most folks, apparently. The Apple savant suggests the new display is not merely a routine upgrade from its predecessors. Rather, the new display lives up to the hype and then some.

    “The first time I saw the new display, I was floored, and after my first session using the new iPad, I was a convert.” Frakes writes in his post for MacWorld.

    Now it’s up to you iPad owners, in what should be a no brainer, how much more valuable is it to have an HD Screen Protector for your latest precious gadget.

  • Longevity in your Gadgets

    Longevity should be, but not always is, something one focuses on when deciding to merge with a piece of modern technology, most specifically smart technology.  Because, in fact, that is what you’re doing, you are making the decision to have a hand held device become your main lifeline with the world around you.

    These devices are powerful tools that allow you to spend your time the way you want to spend it, not glued to a seat and a desk.  With various tools in the form of applications at your fingertips, ranging from Angry Birds to pass the time or GoToMyPC to access your computer remotely, you want to make sure that your little buddy is physically secure.  Phone covers and phone skins can be your best friend when it comes to physical protection.

    Let’s face it; your iPad and iPhone makes you extremely mobile and your iPod gives you the ability to tune the world around you out but they also walk a thin line of durability.  One drop and the iPad’s screen can be lost.  Not only is it an ugly, shattered eyesore but the cost to replace that screen can range anywhere from $0-$450, about the same price that it costs to buy another one (this could be a genius sales strategy employed by Apple, who knows?)  However, if you’re like me, and I’m sure you are, I prefer to take the longevity approach.

    This is where our long list of iPad skins, iPod skins and iPhone skins can help you tackle the notion of longevity with your treasured device.  With protection against your typical bumps and bruises apparent, Best Skins Ever offers owners the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your iPad screen protector will keep your tablet's display the same as it was the day you bought it, so fresh and so clean.

  • Leap Year Sale!

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    Apple iPhone 4 - 4S Total Body Skin

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  • PLAYSTATION VITA SKIN in time for your new device

    Skins are now available for the PlayStation Vita!

    On Sale for a short period of time.

    For the Gamers on the go, we have the clear protection you are looking for for your new PS Vita.

    Our Total Body Skin will keep your mobile device free from scratches at an affordable price.

    For the Gamers on the go, we have the clear protection you are looking for for your new PS Vita. Our Total Body Skin will keep your mobile device free from scratches at an affordable price.
  • Skins for the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201

    Best Skins Ever is now shipping the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201 Skins.

    On Sale for a short period of time.

    Need a way to protect your new Transformer Prime without changing the thin and light design?

    Best Skins Ever clear Skins will protect your new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS tablet, without adding extra weight or padding.

    Available at an affordable price in either the Total Body Skin which cover the Front and Body, Body Skin Only (back and sides), or just the Front Skin only.

    Note:  Has not yet been tested with the Eee Pad Transformer Prime keyboard doc.

  • HTC Rezound Skins now shipping

    Our HTC Rezound Skin providing invisible protection for your shiny new device is on sale for a short period of time from Best Skins Ever.

    Precision designed Skins at an affordable price for all your new electronic devices.

  • Screen Protectors for Gadget Junkies

    Being a gadget junkie is hardly a new trend. As long as we've had thumbs and pockets, people have been obsessed with some sort of hand-held toy. If you are a gadget person, you know the passion goes way back to your childhood. In another time, gadget junkies were found with pockets full of cards, dice and marbles. Being a modern-day junkie means your fascination with gadgets may have been triggered by your first Kodak Instamatic camera or cassette player. Remember the desire for that first portable video game with nothing more than red lines to represent the football players? How many hours did you spend alone with nothing but your thumbs and your imagination?

    While the graphics may have gotten better the premise is the same. It's easy to see the connection between your first View-Master and Etch-a-Sketch and the latest 16-megapixel digital camera and iPad.

    When you were a kid, companies such as Mattel and Fisher Price and didn't create your obsession, they simply fed it. However, they did give people an unreasonable expectation of gadget safety. The plastic cases of early handheld video games and other toys were perfect for kids. They could fall down the stairs, flop around the neighborhood in a wagon full of rocks and even survive your little brother or sister. Gadgets today are a little more fragile and cost a lot more to buy.

    As gadget junkies grow up, the only thing that really changes about them is the price of their toys. Given the prices to replace those toys, the typical junkie will go to extremes to keep them pristine. You probably know someone who won't put their phone in their pocket lest it come in contact with loose change or a set of keys.
The problem has grown so much that the small sleek devices gadget junkies adore are being covered up by bulky padded covers and protectors increasing the size and weight of the devices, all in the name of protection.
It doesn't have to be like that. Thanks to Best Skins Ever, gadget junkies get the protection they require with no extra weight or padding. Slip on these protective, clear skins to all your devices and they'll look as immaculate as the day they came out of the box and stay that way for as long as you own them.

    No longer will you have to treat your toys as fragile objects. You can finally play with them as much as you want and know they will remain unspoiled by nicks and scratches.

    Given the obsessive nature of the gadget junkie you'll want one for every one of your devices from cell phones skins, to iPod skins, to  tablet skins and MacBook Screen Protectors. Best Skins Ever also offers protective skins for a wide variety of devices such as digital camera display covers and headphone skins.

    Go live your life free from the fear of damaging your gadget. However, until they find a way to put a skin around their hands, you might still want to keep your toys out of the hands of your kids.

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