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Did the iPhone 5 Live Up to Expectations?

For months before its release Apple fans were speculating about the features rumored to come with the iPhone 5: a bigger screen, faster processing, and better software were all expected. The anticipation grew as the release date came closer. Now that the long-awaited gadget has arrived, techies look back to determine whether it lived up to all of the excitement.


The iPhone 5 isn't just a newer version of the 4S. Apple has tweaked it in many ways, and users are overwhelmingly happy with the changes. Some of the differences between the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S are:

  • Slim, light design
  • Faster processor
  • Bigger screen
  • 4G LTE technologies
  • Free navigation (only sometimes available on the 4S)
  • Higher quality speakerphone
  • Better quality images.

The 4G LTE alone is a significant selling point for the iPhone 5. According to anecdotal evidence from users, 4G LTE is faster than many Wi-Fi networks. In fact, some users have programmed their iPhones to ignore local Wi-Fi networks and stick to 4G LTE at all times, simply because this new technology seems to be more efficient. The longer screen and improved aspect ratio are also particularly impressive. Though users indicate that the difference is subtle at first, it's difficult to go back to the iPhone 4S once you've enjoyed this new perspective. The home screen can fit an additional row of icons, and movies no longer appear in letterbox.

In addition to the other upgraded features, Siri has received a makeover for the iPhone 5, and she is now able to respond more intelligently to many of a user's requests.


Though the iPhone 5 brought a lot of upgrades to the table, tech experts still see room for improvement. Though the screen is larger than that of the iPhone 4S, it isn't as big as some of the other popular smart phones on the market, such as the Samsung Galaxy S3. The iPhone 5's battery life also leaves something to be desired.


The iPhone 5 isn't perfect and there is no doubt that Apple will release yet another new model in the future. However, with its multitude of innovative new features and upgrades, no one can deny that the iPhone 5 lived up to the hype. Users asked for a larger screen, faster processing and better applications, and Apple definitely delivered.

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