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The Amazon Kindle 3 is not only the most advanced Kindle reader available; but also the lowest priced! With prices starting at $139.00 it is a steal with improvements made to screen clarity and screen contrast to ensure the best and most convenient reading experience… no more squinting over pixilated or blurry words! The 3rd generation Kindle also keeps it possible to stay connected with family and friends, no matter where you are, with an enhanced Facebook and Twitter integration capability! All of this packed into a new, streamline (but keeping the six inch screen size) design that makes this little guy pack a big punch and makes it the perfect travel companion for you — the ultimate book lover!

With two versions to choose from, the standard 3G and WiFi and a WiFi only option, you are able to pick the Kindle 3 that works best for you! Whichever version you choose, there are some fresh features that make this reader stand out as the next generation of the Kindle family:
• Darker, more defined fonts.
• Support for more font styles and scripts including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Latin and Greek.
• Smaller, slimmer, lighter design.
• Massively increased storage (holds up to 3,500 books).
• Improved battery life.
• Softer grip to the back, making the new Kindle 3 easier to hold.
• New web-browser making posting your favorite passages to Facebook and Twitter easier then ever.
• A new VoiceGuide “read to me” menu.
• Improved PDF reader with zoom function.
• New mp3 support. Download music and podcasts onto your device with lightning speed for a good time on the go or simple background music while you read.
If you have the Kindle 3 or you are picking one up soon, you will definitely want to keep the shine bright and screen unscathed with a clean, sleek skin from Best Skins Ever. Ensuring better performance and a longer device life you will be able to enjoy your Kindle 3 for a long time to come, so what are you waiting for? Visit Best Skins Ever ( and get skins starting at $12.99!


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