Best Skins Ever Gadget Round Up

Welcome to March’s Best Skins Ever Gadget round up. Here, we bring you the latest and hottest news, rumors, stories and trends for your favorite electronics that we are committed to protecting.

Big Shocker: We’re going to mention the iPad 3 a couple of times

iPad: Apple could sell 1 million iPads on first day (CNET) ; Third-generation iPad: What you need to know (Macworld) ; Fighting Words: What Apple Means When It Says ‘Post-PC’ (Wired)

It’s no surprise – Apple wanted new CEO Tim Cook’s spring product announcement to be big. After a lack-luster response to the iPhone 4S release, where many users felt let down that an all-new iPhone did not come out, the iPad 3 announcement grabbed hold of the entire tech community.

Furthermore, Cook offers up his definition of what today’s “Post-PC” world looks like:
“We’re talking about a world where the PC is no longer the center of your digital world, but is just another device. The devices you use the most are more portable, more personal and dramatically easier to use than any PC has ever been.”

So with a new HD display and a $499 price tag to start – the demand for protective skins and other Tablet accessories are beginning to climb.

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iPhone: Should I buy iPhone 4S now or wait for iPhone 5? (CNET: Ask Maggie)

In CNET’s “Ask Maggie” segment – a reader asks if they should go for the iPhone 4S now or wait until the release of the iPhone 5. Problem is – nobody knows when the new iPhone is coming and nobody knows what it will be like. Maggie offers an interesting theory, citing the one thing the iPhone has not changed over the years is it’s 3.5 inch display. Which makes it easier to find the display covers for iPhones, no matter what generation phone you own.

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Droid/Smart Phones: Hands On With One X, HTC’s Newest Flagship Android Phone (Wired)

Having pretty much owned the Android market in its infancy – many consider HTC falling behind Mobile giant Samsung. To retort, the Taiwanese manufacturer is going deep with its new One series. Wired took a look at the One X, a blazing fast1.5GHz quad-core Droid by HTC.

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