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Blackberry Touch Screen Apps

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Oh, BlackBerry fans. We’ve got it rough, don’t we?

For years, we were the leader in smartphone technology. Our crackberries kept us linked into our email and the Internet while the rest of the population was still thumb-cramping on their T9 phones. We were on the forefront, the coolest kids on the smartphone block, the only ones with the power to access Wikipedia or IMDB to settle disputes at the dinner table.

What happened to us?

Apps. Apps happened to us.

Now Apple and Android users are on the cutting edge, with their cool-kid apps and mad touchscreen technology. For years, we’ve been getting Android and Apple hand-me-down apps instead of our own brand-new, BlackBerry-designed apps.

It’s a sad, sad time for BlackBerry fans.

When the BlackBerry Torch came along, we perked up. A touchscreen? A full, iPhone display type? We wouldn’t have to part with our beloved keyboards? Sounds like heaven!

Unfortunately, Torch apps still sadly lack far behind the iPhones and Androids of the world. But all is not lost, BlackBerry fans. There are still some useful apps out there for Torch users. Here are your top four best bets for free BlackBerry Torch apps:

1. Evernote

Evernote is a wildly popular app with one basic goal: helping you remember what’s important. Take notes, transcribe voice dictation, or just snap a picture of something you want to remember. Evernote can even search the text within your pictures, so even if you take a picture of a whiteboard or a grocery list, you can still search and easily find it later.

2. AP Mobile

Whether you’re jonesing to know what’s going on within the local, national, or international community, AP mobile has you covered. With its easy-to-use navigation system and endless supply of news, this app is a must-have for news junkies and casual readers alike. Want to know the latest in breaking news? Sign up for news alerts and be informed as soon as it happens.

3. Kindle for BlackBerry

Remember when you’d stare jealously at the iPod users reading on the subway? Envy no more with the long-awaited Kindle for BlackBerry app. The app’s still not without a few bugs, but the ability to get back into that page-turner no matter where you are? Priceless.

4. Shazam

How many times have you driven yourself crazy trying to figure out what song is playing? Simply load the Shazam app and hold it near the music source. Shazam will be able to identify the song within seconds. While you’re there, you can buy the track directly from Shazam.

Keep Your Screen Like New With Phone Skins

No matter which app you’re using, you’re going to be doing a lot of finger-scrolling and touchscreen button-pressing. Keep your phone in pristine shape with cellphone skins and Blackberry Screen Protectors. Best Skins Ever has a variety of durable, budget-friendly skins for phone, including skins for the BlackBerry Touch. Believe us, it’s a lot easier to replace your Blackberry skin than it is to replace your Blackberry.

Cell Phone Skins: Preventing Top 5 Phone Killers

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Everyone has that one embarrassing phone-killing story to tell, right? Maybe you jumped in the pool with all your clothes on and promptly drowned your iPhone. Maybe you took your Android onto that epic roller coaster ride only to watch it hurtle to the ground on the first upside-down loop. Maybe you soaked your BlackBerry on a water ride, or maybe you dropped it in your cup of coffee.

We kill our phones. It happens to the best of us. But with a little common sense, your phone will survive long enough to reach old age—or at least long enough to make it until your next phone upgrade. Save your phone from an untimely demise by avoiding these five common phone-killing mistakes:

Keeping Your Phone in Your Back Pocket

Don’t do this because one, you will forget your phone is in there; two, you will sit down; and three, you will smash your phone.

Keep your phone in your inner jacket pocket, in your front pocket, in your purse, in a man-bag, wherever else is convenient —just don’t put it in a place where you can crush it with an unassuming body part. After all – glass shards from your iPhone screen can hurt. A clear screen protector can help reduce the cracking or at least help prevent glass from puncturing your jeans and cutting you.

Leaving it on the Bathroom Counter

First of all, why do you need to keep your phone in the bathroom in the first place? Make one wrong move, and you can knock your phone into the sink, the toilet, or the tub. Those aren’t good odds, sports fans.

If you can’t bear to be without your phone, do yourself a favor and put it out of harm’s way. A counter is hip-level and flat, meaning there’s nothing to stop your phone from taking a bath if you accidentally hit it. Instead, choose an out-of-the-way shelf or surface as far away from water as possible.

Cleaning the Screen with Windex

Ammonia and electronics don’t mix, kids. Guess what contains plenty of ammonia? Windex. So save the Windex for the windows and clean your screens with a glass-cleaning cloth instead – or protect your device with a cell phone skin and then easily wipe away and dirt and live worry-free without blemishes.

Exposing Your Phone in Direct Sunlight

Don’t leave your phone in the hot car (or any other steady beam of hot sunlight). Not only will it harm your battery, but it will harm your touchscreen as well.

Not Using Phone Covers

This is the most obvious one on the list. iPhone skins, Droid Skins, Blackberry Skins and other cell phone screen protectors for all of your mobile devices protect from smudges, dirt, dust, and scratches.

It’s as simple as this: you can invest in a quality, affordable iPhone Screen Protector or you can invest in a costly new phone.