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Samsung Vibrant & Fascinate Skins

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Samsung has launched the Galaxy S series of smartphones that is giving the Apple iPhone line a run for its money. The Galaxy S series are the NEW generation of Windows phones, operating on an Android system that runs a super fast network speed rivaling that of any handheld PDA on the market. The Samsung Vibrant, a new addition to the Galaxy series starting around $200 with a contract, is the direct answer to the iPhone. It is sleek, lightweight and easy to navigate through! It comes preloaded with entertainment applications and cool, exclusive content sure to please even the biggest techy. The phone itself is packed with features that will excite new customers and make the guys at Apple cringe.

Samsung Vibrant Features
• 4” Super AMOLED high resolution screen
• I GHz processor
• Video messaging
• 16 GB built-in memory
• Access to APPS on the Android Market
• 5 megapixel camera
• Music player
• Easy access to Google applications
• Touch screen
• Real web browsing with WiFi

Another smartphone from the Galaxy S series making waves is the Samsung Fascinate. This phone brings a fully integrated social networking, entertainment and messaging experience directly to your fingertips thanks to its innovative Android 2.1 platform. You will zip through the web at unprecedented speeds while getting your APP fix in! The super-smart, super-loaded device is also capable of turning into a functioning 3G hotspot so no matter where you go you can stay connected! All of this for only $200, what MORE could you want? Well the Fascinate will give that to you too…

Samsung Fascinate Features
• Faster texting with SWYPE
• Touch screen
• WiFi connectivity
• 5 megapixel camera
• Instant social networking capabilities
• Only 4.5 ounces
• Up to 300 hours of talk time
• Bluetooth/GPS capable
• Output to TV
• Mobile TV

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