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Tablet Skins: Protecting yours One Screen at a Time

Everyday the world is becoming a little more mobile. The demand for data has become up-to-the-second. It seems like just yesterday, “the internet” was considered to be those free sample CDs AOL used to mail out. Today, if you’re unable to check your email, order a latte and stream your favorite TV shows at the same time than your commute is ruined.

We want data: always.

To keep up with the heavy-duty demand for data – your mobile device (be it mobility phone, tablet, netbook, etc.) has to be pretty durable.

How do you go to work on a tablet from dusk until dawn and still keep it free from finger smudges after lunch, coffee/tea/other wake-up beverages, and other variables that can lead to scratches and blemishes?

Tablet skins and screen protectors can help your cause. Designed to the manufacturer’s specs and easy to apply – full-body skins and screen protectors provide a clear, protective layer between your precious tablet and the everyday dangers at home, in the office or on the commute that can harm or tarnish your tablet’s display or casing.

Now is where the fun begins: Are you an Apple or Android kind of person?

Do you prefer a tablet with an HD display, out-of-this-world processor speed and the operating system that essentially paved the way for all mobile giants? If so, you’re probably an Apple person – and you’re most likely in possession of the new iPad. If so, how do you feel about having an unprotected HD screen with its 2048x1536-pixel resolution at 264 ppi?

I think its safe to assume your screen would rather go untouched – perhaps an iPad 3 Screen Protector or full body skin would do the trick?

That is, unless, you prefer the dynamically growing line of Android-based tablets ranging from Amazon’s Kindle Fire to Samsung’s new 10” model of the popular Galaxy Tab. Whether you’re seeking ultimate entertainment or proven performance – Android tablets are strong stakeholders in the mobile market. That being said, Kindle Fire Skins as well as other newly emerging tablet skins are becoming that much more important on a daily basis.

Whether you prefer iOS or Droid products – the solution is clear – protect your beloved tablet today.

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