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iPhone Skins

  • Apple Announces the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C!

    On September 10th, Apple unveiled its two newest iPhone models to the public: the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5S is geared toward the higher end of the market, while the iPhone 5C is the less expensive version of the two and is designed to serve customers with a smaller tech budget. Both phones are an upgrade from the current models available, the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S. Apple will continue to offer the iPhone 4S as a free alternative while the iPhone 5 is being discontinued. Continue reading

  • Best Skins Ever: February 2012 Gadget Round Up

    Welcome to February's Best Skins Ever Gadget round up. Here, we bring you the latest and hottest news, rumors, stories and trends for your favorite electronics that we are committed to protecting.

    iPhone: Apple feels no need to offer lower cost iPhone (CNET)

    After meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook and Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer, Citigroup analysts discussed the smartphone market with the two executives. So if the iPhone isn't getting any cheaper, maybe this is a good time to make sure you keep it free of blemishes.

    Recommended Product: iPhone Skin.

    iPad & MacBook: U.S. viewers can watch Super Bowl on Mac (Macworld)

    Viewers from around the world tuned in to watch Super Bowl XLVI this year. But iPad & MacBook owners in the US were able to stream the event live, thanks to NBC. With new operating systems expected to come out in 2012, this should be the year you invest to protect your gadgets.

    Recommended Products: iPad Skin or a MacBook Skin.

    Tablets: Kindle Fire owners happy with device, though iPad users happier (Digital Trends)

    And so the Tablet Wars begin. With Amazon's winter debut of the Kindle Fire, results are now coming in showing that while more Apple Users say they're happy with their tablet, Kindle Fire owners came in a very close second.

    Recommended Product: Kindle Fire Skin

  • Clear Skins for your Electronics: More Than Just Scratch Guards

    With features like email, internet access, games, instant messengers, texting and video chat in addition to regular calls, cell phones are a must-have personal assistant for many people. iPads, iPods, laptops...there are lots of awesome electronics out there, with awe-inspiring price tags to match. Fine gadgets are an investment--and that's why it makes so much sense to spend a few dollars more and protect them with electronic skins like the Best Skins Ever.

    What Electronic Skins Do Cell Phone Screen Protectors, iPad Skins, Laptop Covers and other electronic skins guard your cutting-edge piece of technology from the following: •    Scratches •    Fingerprints •    Dust •    Wear and tear Yes, in addition to the things they are most known for—protecting against scratches and dust—cell phone skins can lengthen an item's lifespan. Just imagine using your new cell phone for months or years and having it stay looking shiny and brand new day after day. Best Skins Ever provide an invisible layer of long-lasting, extremely durable protection.

    Not All Skins Are Made the Same

    Though most skins will promise the same kind of things, not all skins are made the same. Lower-quality skins can become cloudy after awhile, especially screen protectors, and less scratch-resistant skins can start looking battered when they go through too much wear and tear. It's important not only to choose a skin that fits your device well, but also a high-quality skin that will last a long time. Your device is worth the careful consideration!

    Why Best Skins Ever Are the Best

    Best Skins Ever are a step above the other iPod skin, iPad Screen Protector and even Macbook Screen Protector options out there for several reasons: 1.   Quality. Best Skins Ever are designed to be semi-permanent protection for electronics, and can endure months or years of nonstop use without getting cloudy. 2.    Stealth. You chose your phone or iPad because you love how it looks and functions, so why choose a phone skin or iPad skin that changes any of that? Best Skins Ever's protective,  iPhone Clear Covers don't get in the way of using your electronics. 3.    Fit. Unlike many electronic skins for phone styles, Best Skins Ever is made to fit individual phone makes and models like gloves. 4.    Simplicity. Applying or removing Best Skins Ever is very straightforward, and there are detailed instructions on how to do it. These skins are easily removable from any electronic device and will leave it looking clean. 5.   Affordability. Significantly less than the price of the average electronic skins, Best Skins Ever are affordable enough to protect every important electronic in the house. With high-quality, rave reviews and a long lifespan, it's hard to justify paying more for other skins.

    Staying On the Cutting Edge

    Every day, new awesome gadgets are released, and all of them need protection from wear and tear. That's where Best Skins Ever come in, providing custom-made skins for new electronics fast—some even on the day the item is released! Protecting a new device from day one is the absolute best way to ensure that it stays shiny and scratch-free, so look into a high-quality electronic skin today.

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