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HTC One M8 2014 Skin

2nd Generation HTC One Protection Film and Screen Protector.
Product Name Price Qty
HTC One M8 2014 Skin - Screen: Glossy
HTC One M8 2014 Skin - Screen: Matte
HTC One M8 2014 Skin - Body: Glossy
HTC One M8 2014 Skin - Body: Matte
HTC One M8 2014 Skin - Screen: Glossy, Body: Glossy
HTC One M8 2014 Skin - Screen: Glossy, Body: Matte
HTC One M8 2014 Skin - Screen: Matte, Body: Glossy
HTC One M8 2014 Skin - Screen: Matte, Body: Matte

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About Our Matte Screen Film

Matte film provides low shine with a unique look that nearly eliminates smudges and screen glare. The trade off, however, is a reduction of the sharpness of the screen. See our blog post on Matte vs. Glossy Screen Protectors for more details.



Our protection kit for the screen and body of the HTC One M8 is comprised of twelve individual pieces that give you the maximum amount of coverage without sacrificing the amazing design and styling of the new HTC flagship.

The screen protector itself is a simple shape and we make it available in our original glossy film or the newer matte film.  Glossy offer the best option for clarity while the matte is great at eliminating glare and fingerprints but does sacrifice some screen clarity.

The body coverage is custom designed to provide maximum protection while leaving each port and button completely accessible.  The main body cover protects the back and wraps up the sides while the top and bottom are protected by six individual pieces.  The camera lenses are protected with donut shaped Skins for ultimate coverage.  The area below and above the screen is covered with two individual pieces with high detail cutouts for the speakers, proximity sensor and front facing camera.

For the HTC One M8 we recommend the matte option for the body coverage as it is nearly invisible on the device and blends in very well with the raw finish of the phone.  For the screen we typically recommend the glossy screen protector to maintain 100% screen clarity.  Only choose the matte screen cover if you need to eliminate glare and are willing to give up some screen clarity.

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Additional Info

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Best! Skin! Ever!!!Review by Andreasd
Best! Skin! Ever!!! (Posted on 6/18/14)

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