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iPhone SE Skin

Clear, scratch proof protection for your iPhone SE.

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About Our Matte Screen Film

Matte film provides low shine with a unique look that nearly eliminates smudges and screen glare. The trade off, however, is a reduction of the sharpness of the screen. See our blog post on Matte vs. Glossy Screen Protectors for more details.



The BSE full body coverage protective film kit for the iPhone SE includes 6 individual pieces providing the most extensive coverage you can get from a clear film Skin.

The screen protector is a near edge to edge cover with cut outs for the home button, speaker, front proximity sensor and front facing camera. Take note that the front camera cut out is a separate cut from the speaker hole. This adds to production costs but provides integrity allowing the film to hold its shape better.

Also available for the screen is a "Case Fit" screen protector which is about 1mm smaller around the outside edge and is designed to fit within the edges of a protective case that overlaps the front glass. If you're using a case that doesn't overlap the front glass you can use the standard screen protector.

The body coverage portion of the iPhone 5S kit includes a one piece cover for the back face and four individual pieces to protect the outside edge of the smart phone. Each button and port on the outside edge has its own precise cut out which increases protection and actually makes the side pieces easier to apply as you align each cut out to its corresponding button or port.

Our most popular combination for the iPhone 5S Skin is a glossy screen protector up front and a matte body Skin for the back and sides. This combo is the most "invisible" on the phone and provides great protection although many people do like the glossy body Skin instead.

The matte screen protector is a great option for cutting glare and smudges but it does cause a slight reduction in screen clarity so please be aware. Some people don't notice but some find it distracting.

The iPhone SE kit is compatible with the iPhone 5S too.

Additional Info

Additional Info



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Customer Reviews (0)

AReview by Aa
The pieces that go around the edge of the phone are too long. They end up overlapping each other. (Posted on 2/15/16)
Fantastic Product for a Terrific Price!Review by Jon
This skin is a perfect fit for the device and the cutouts are exact. You really should give it two full days to dry for it to last. I have tried to use these in the past with a day or less to dry and it greatly reduces their useful life. If you do it right, this skin will keep your device looking new and last quite a while. I can barely tell anything is on the phone and get to show it off the way it was meant to be. (Posted on 2/4/16)
PerfectReview by Ars
It's not the first time i buy transparent skins here, especialy matte version for back and i never had any regretts. Like the name of the brand says, these are realy bestskinsever!!! (Posted on 1/20/16)
iPhone 5S reviewReview by CRW
I bought the whole skin, front back and sides. Price was excellent, went on without too much trouble. Note. I might have used too much soap in my mixture as it took longer for everything to adhere so I did the back first and had to wait a while before I could do anything else. Actually used a hair dryer which helped speed things up. Front went with out any bubble and after 24 hours what looked like soap residue had completely gone. Sides and top again were not difficult but be patient and take your time. (Posted on 12/6/15)
Still great!!!Review by TeeJay
This is my third purchase from bestskinsever and i can tell you the quality is as top notch now as it was in the beginning! The screen cover that came with the case I bought for my iPhone 5S was cheap and fit poorly. The cover from bestskinsever fits perfectly, looks like it's part of the phone and is far more durable. My one piece of advice to new users - READ AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS EXACTLY! (Posted on 9/28/15)
Great Screen ProtectorsReview by TJ
I have used Best Skins Ever for my iPhone 4, 4S, 5S and iPad 2. I love them and they work great! (Posted on 9/21/15)
Great! Review by Adam
I bought this for my new iPhone 5S I received from a family member after his contract run out, however there were no marks on it what so ever. So I intend on keeping it that way and that's why I bought this. It's awesome! However if you're new to wet application protectors, it's kinda tricky, but you get use to it.
The only problem I have with this is my phone can now only use 1 of my 4 cases with the phone due to the thickness of the protectors. I didn't realise it was this thick however I did expect some sort of malfunction with one of my cases.
If it comes one day that there's a thinner case optimised protector I'll definitely be a buyer as I only bought this to keep the scratches away, not the dents.
Well pleased, thank you :) (Posted on 9/4/15)
Okay skin, would't buy again. Review by Sarah
The skin was fairly easy to apply and the matte finish is what I was looking for. Unfortunately, the skin causes a "grainy" appearance when using my screen, particularly on white backgrounds, such as texting. I will be shopping for a new screen cover in the near future. (Posted on 7/9/15)
Fabulous SkinReview by Gary
Great skin. Goes on easily, basically invisible, cutouts are perfect, good texture for gripping the phone. This is for the matte body skin. (Posted on 5/18/15)
Great product, even better price!Review by Tony
I found this site by searching for phone cases and glad I did. I love these protectors! Easy to apply (if you follow directions) and makes the phone look shiny and clean. And the price was fantastic! I'll never go back to the expensive brands of skins. This will be my brand of screen protector from now on! (Posted on 5/15/15)
PerfectionReview by George Popa
Perfect, perfect, perfect !! (Posted on 3/23/15)
ExcellentReview by Anoymous
I have been using bestkinsever ever since Iphone 4 and it has been great and awesome so far. Never had a better phone protector than this. Thank you bestskinsever! (Posted on 3/18/15)
bestbuyReview by Sergioslo
combination of matte body and glossy screen is excellent (Posted on 2/19/15)
Body and Screen ProtectorReview by Kshitij
If you are looking to use your phone without cover and needs protection from scratches.Look no further! I have used a lot of protectors and nothing comes close. The matte body protector just blends with the case and you will not even know that there is something on the phone and the clear screen protector is clear and allows the vibrant retina to display itself properly.

The only drawback if you are new to using screen cover is the application part of it but there are plenty of videos to explain it as well. (Posted on 1/20/15)
Top quality all the way aroundReview by Kevin
Been getting these for years now and never any problems. Switched over to the matte for the back of the phone even though it was hard to switch from what I knew worked well. Very impressed. It is a great product compared to competitors and they handle their business in a way that keeps the cost down for us customers. Great job, keep it up. (Posted on 1/16/15)
Always amazes me!Review by Vdubs
This is like my 6th skin, and always surprises how easy the procedure is. And how rugged the skin is! Great product! Even had a light scratch on my screen, and with the skin on u can't even see the scratch! Amazing!:) (Posted on 1/13/15)
Best I ever hadReview by Ray
I saw the mat finish on a friends phone and ordered one. It went on great no bubbles and works great. (Posted on 1/12/15)
Great product Review by A -Songz
Putting it on was almost no hassle and the bubbles went away right away. Great product highly recommended :) (Posted on 12/29/14)
Best skin in the worldReview by Randy
I tried numerous skin products on my 3gs before hearing about Best Skins Ever on a website. Gave it a try and have never used anything else on my phones or my family's phones.

I have the bigger Nook and I am anxiously awaiting the time a skin will be available. The skin products available for it are sorely lacking.

I recommend Best Skins Ever to everyone who needs a skin. (Posted on 12/17/14)
Good product at low priceReview by Erik
I like how the skin is similar to invisible shield except this product is way cheaper and quality is great. I don't see any quality gap compared to the expensive invisible shield products. Im happy with what I bought. I would recommend the matte skin instead of the glossy it makes your iphone look better (Posted on 12/12/14)
NiceReview by Gourlay
Great skin for a great price (Posted on 11/14/14)
Great productReview by Joce
Ive always used Best Skins. They are the best product out there. Great service. Very fast. Long lasting once on your phone. (Posted on 10/24/14)
Best skin AND best valueReview by Ken
On my iPhone 4, I tried the Phantomskinz, Zagg, and Best Skins ever. I got the body protection in matte for my iPhone 5S, and I'm not disappointed. The Zagg is a huge ripoff, and the least aesthetically pleasing of the bunch. Phantomskinz has fantastic quality, but they are still a bit overpriced for what it is. Best skins ever has the best cut and best price I've seen yet. I'll get the same thing for the iPhone 6 soon! (Posted on 9/24/14)
Great productReview by Stephuila
When I first got my iPhone 3g I was looking for something that would protect it without adding bulk. I saw bestskins and thought I'd give it a try. I've been a user since. I've bought one for all my gadgets (all iPhone versions by far) and got some for family as well. It protects against scratches for a fraction of the price of other brands that promise the same thing. Thank you bestskins for your products. (Posted on 9/21/14)
The bestReview by
I am a customer of bestskin from my Iphone 2G. I have always been very satisfied. These films are incredible. They are so easy to apply and no air bubbles remain. For what it's worth their price is right. (Posted on 9/13/14)
very good productReview by Kelly
I had this skin on my iPhone 3GS for over a year. Due to the 3-D curves on the back of the 3GS, the skin didn't adhere perfectly all the way to the edge and gradually peeled away. With the 5s, I am pretty sure I won't have this problem. I had tried cheaper screen covers in the past, and an edge would always get pulled up or some dirt would work its way under after a while. The skin's adhesive is so strong that this never happened on the screen. It stays put permanently.

I purchased the glossy skin for the screen with the matte skin for the sides and back. The matte is almost invisible. The glossy screen cover has an ever so slightly orange peel texture, but it doesn't affect the way the screen looks when it's on.

I love that this skin provides all over scratch protection and maybe even some protection against shattering. I use a flexible, thin silicone sleeve which easily fits the phone even with the skin on, and the phone is still protected when I take the sleeve off. (Posted on 8/21/14)
Good SkinReview by swindonpete
This is a good value for money skin and does a great job. Great service too as I've used BestSkins before. (Posted on 8/21/14)
The only skin I will ever buy!!Review by Don
This is my 6th skin on mobile devices that I have had. I will only buy my skins from bestskinsever. I purchased my first skin after a former employee of mine suggested bestskins when looking for a skin for my phone. I don't even consider looking at other skins for my mobile devices. Bestskins is the only choice for me. (Posted on 6/15/14)
GreatReview by eribaz
I bought this on recommendation from my brother. This is a wonderful product and does exactly what it is supposed to do. I bought mine over 6 months ago and it is still perfect! (Posted on 6/13/14)
love the matte look on 5s bodyReview by skinny
clear screen/ matte body. love the result. if this is your first time installing skin, read the instruction twice & watch videos first, you'll glad you did. oh, did i mention that customer service is awesome:) (Posted on 5/14/14)
Great product - Body protectorReview by Carlos
Great product. It's easier to apply than I imagined, but I still managed to somehow mess up the sides. My fault though, not the product.

It has a good texture, and it adds some much needed grip to the phone. It feels great in the hands and you cannot tell it's even there ( at least the matte one ).

I will definitely buy a new one.

Shipment to Spain was really fast, no complaints there either. (Posted on 5/14/14)
Great product.Review by iphone 4s/5s purchaser
Great product - love the soft texture and the robustness of the film. I literally can keep it on for months without it picking up any scratches due to the film type.

A few things though: The skins are a bit pricey compared to some cheaper (very similar material) skins I can find online. The other skins though, I suppose, are less precisely cut and I always find myself purchasing this one even though its pricier. I also find the full body protection pretty damn handy. I finally stripped my 4s of the skin and a few months after I did, I manged to drop it and shatter the screen. I've dropped it many times before with the protector on with no issues. Anecdotal evidence but I'm fairly certain these protectors will lessen screen breakage. (Posted on 4/19/14)
overall a good productReview by det
I like the outside protection for my iphone. It was a little tricky doing the sides and lining all the buttons up but they did line up. at one point I stretched it a little but was able to re wet it and do that again so it wasn't a problem. The screen protector is nice too. Good product. (Posted on 4/14/14)
Great Product!Review by John
I have been using their skins for a few years and I have to say they are the best. I have tried others even more expensive ones and they just don't compare to the quality that Best Skins provides! (Posted on 4/8/14)
matte finish is greatReview by xc
bought a combo matte finish body skin and a glossy skin for the screen. best combination for our purposes as it keeps the screen image sharp, and the body keeps its matte finish.

easy to install as well! (Posted on 3/20/14)
Great all round.Review by Iphone-family
I have been using bestskinsever since I had iPhone 3G and it never disappointed me, it's easy to install.

Recently I purchased iPhone 5s skin and noticed some tiny scratch lines on the skin after few days which is unusual as I never had experienced this before.

I upgrade the phone with each model and I don't need to replace the skin more then once. (Posted on 3/11/14)
Good product, easy to apply.Review by Su
It should be shipped for free. I have been using it since I had iPhone 3g and really impressed with quality.

I could see some tiny scratches on the screen this time after using it for a day , never had this problem before. (Posted on 3/8/14)
Lemon, or not?Review by Chris
Had purchased several skins over the span of a few years, and the latest one I got swerved me towards the direction of writing a review.

The fit is perfect, quality is good, but the cut is somewhat disappointing this time around - the side protectors lining the side of the phone are not cut perfectly; say you're cutting wrapping with scissors for Christmas presents, and you suddenly stop and resume - that sort of jagged effect came with the skin on my phone.

Not a huge upset, but something I definitely did not expect having purchased previous products free from such defects.

Support Reply: Sorry to hear about the poor cut Skin. Feel free to contact our support team and we'll take care of your Skin. (Posted on 3/7/14)
Not SatisfiedReview by SZ
Ordered a side skin protector (Matte - Bumper optimized for iPhone 5s that come with a back skin protector as well. The back skin protector is really small and isn't cutted perfectly. It looks ugly because I can't stick it straight to avoid it to stick to the camera. I wait 24 hours after the skin is stick to my iPhone and still cannot wear my cases as it will breaks the skin.

On the good side, the price is affordable, and the application instruction is really good. Overall, I'm not satisfied. I won't recommend to anyone to buy this skin protector.

Support Team Reply: We're sorry to hear about the trouble with the application. If you'd like to contact our support staff we would be happy to see if we can help you. (Posted on 2/6/14)
Excellent serviceReview by Jake
I recently ordered one of these for my space grey iphone 5s and it looks great. But I accidentally put one of the pieces on backwards so it never adhered to the phone and came off. I emailed the customer service and within a day they responded and had a new complementary replacement on its way. Love these guys. (Posted on 1/31/14)
Excellent SkinReview by K.S
Literally the Best Skins Ever! I would never buy anything else besides this product. Bought if for my previous iPhone 4, bought some for Nintendo DS in the past, and will continue to support and buy for any future electronic devices I purchase. Keep up the awesome job with your product guys! (Posted on 1/30/14)
Great product!Review by Pena
I've used Best Skins Ever for years on all my iPhones. They're durable, affordable and easy to install! (Posted on 1/30/14)
Nothing else comes closeReview by dbk1ng
That goes for price, quality of the material & customer service.
I've done several custom orders with Bestskinsever and they've always emailed me back promptly & the order 100% how I wanted it.

Customer for life :) (Posted on 1/25/14)
Great price-easy applicationReview by iphone5s
I have used Best Skins Ever for the last few years and have been happy with each one. The skin came in a "beefier" cardboard envelop this time around instead of just a paper envelop. The application was easy, and the skin fit snuggly under my bumper/case. Its cut in a way that prevents any edges from peeling up. I am always worried about the possibility of bubbles under the skin, however I have gotten less and less careful with each application and still have yet to get any bubbles. They always work themselves out. Overall this product is the best option for protecting your phone, at the best price. (Posted on 1/19/14)
One word: (ok,maybe two)Review by Jimmydreams
Awesome skin. (Posted on 1/12/14)
amazing quality, simple mounting, great experience with this protection!!Review by chris
amazing quality, simple mounting, great experience with this protection!!

tolle Qualität, ab dem 1. Mal echt leicht zu installieren und funktioniert wirklich super!! (Posted on 1/12/14)
Excellent Product, Price and ServiceReview by Mark
I've used wet apply type phone/tablet protectors for a while now, but only recently heard of bestskinsever. Wish I would have heard of them sooner, I would have saved a lot of money compared to the ones Best Buy carry. Really happy with the quality, price, and service from this company. Purchased two sets for 2 iPhone 5s's, and installing them couldn't have been easier.

I get sort of OCD when it comes to trying to get these on perfect, and on one of them I noticed a piece of dust in an area that was really bugging me. Since the price is so reasonable, and they sell just the screen part separate, I decided to order another one, hopefully this time being a bit more diligent.

Unfortunately the replacement screen protector was damaged during shipping. This, for me, is where the true test of a company comes into play. I contacted them, filled out the form for an RMA, and within a couple hours they had responded. Really fast response, and they didn't even ask me to send the damaged on back to them, they just sent me a complimentary replacement. Very very awesome, and above what I was expecting.

A tip for putting on these screens, make sure you steam up a bathroom to settle the dust to the floor. I take it a step further, and have a crazy bright LED flashlight that I hold in my mouth as I wipe down the phone. You would be amazed at how much dust instantly falls back onto the phone when you do that that you can't see without a flashlight shining on the phone. Like I said though, I get kind of OCD about it :)

Anyway, this is a great product that is much cheaper then the competitors and the customer service is fantastic. I WILL be recommending you guys to everyone I know that wants their phone protected.
(Posted on 1/9/14)
The matte finish looks flawless, can't even tell its onReview by Jake
I recently applied the matte full body protector to my iPhone 5S and it looks amazing! With the matte finish of the iPhone, you can't even tell the matte screen protector is on there. Would highly recommend this to anyone in a matte finish, have many friends that are buying this after seeing it on mine! Great product! (Posted on 1/4/14)
Simply the best - recommend this product to all my friends.Review by 4walls
I have used many different skins on my devices, but the best ones I have seen so far are right here at Fast and economical shipping and great quality products.

The skin takes a little practice to install perfectly, but I have done 4 or 5 now on different devices and they are flawless after they sit overnight. I was a little hesitant to do a "wet application" on my first device, but after seeing the result I have never gone back to the cheap stick on screen protectors that can be purchased online. (Posted on 12/26/13)
Will be back for more!Review by yuukaze
I first used BSE on my iPhone 4, and have used them on every gadget my family has bought since (iPad 4, iPhone 5S, Galaxy S4, Nexus 7 (2012) etc.)

They're of incredibly good quality and do exactly what it says on the tin. They also are cut very precisely, at least for the devices described above. Easy to apply and last for a long time too.

Will be back again and again. Definitely recommend! (Posted on 12/21/13)
Just like the name - Best Skin...Review by CobraGeek
I've tried several different solutions for protecting my devices. Cases are OK, but too bulky and collect dust under them and scratch the surfaces. Other screen protector material is impossible to install cleanly and never lasts.

The bestskinsever material has a self healing capability which greatly increases its lifespan. It applies nicely (with a bit of work) and really protects the device. It works under a case if you want impact protection and keeps away the scratches. It greatly improves the resale value of the devices by keeping them in pristine condition (easy to clean up after removal). (Posted on 12/17/13)
Really the best skin ever (no halo around Apple logo)Review by AppleHLN
Love this company and its product. I bought the back skins for my iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina and iPhone 5s. They are all matte, the non-shiny skins.

For those that tried other company's matte skins and got the halo effect, the white surrounding the Apple logo once the the skins is applied, you have nothing to worry with bestskinsever products.

I tried it on the iPad Air and the back looks stunning. The Apple No bubbles and the Apple logo dries perfectly without the logo effect. On the iPhone 5s back which the Apple logo is raised a bit, the skin applied perfectly on it as well, with no white halo effect.

You have a customer for life. (Posted on 12/10/13)
takes care of corners very well. which is uncommon for other skinsReview by lalu
I've been using skins on my phone for over 6 years. I started with zagg on the iphone 3gs when it first came out, didn't know what I was doing, botched the installation. Later on when I got the iphone 4 I didn't want to pay for the $50 zagg again. At the time I was only aware of bodyguardz which was charging around $30 for its skins. It worked fine but didn't last over 4 months.

Advice on installation: forget about the spray bottle. I put literally one drop of dish soap in a shallow dish covered with a quarter inch of cold water. mix it well, dip the skin in and begin applying. if the skin is too sticky drop another drop of soap in. no more though. This is dependent on the size of dish you use but I found three drops makes the skin too slippery for too long. which isn't good.

You will get water on the screen, on the speaker, on the charging port, and if you are doing screen protector on your home button. It's fine. have microfibre cloth handy and a quick dab absorbs it all. unless you blow into your phone there is no reason for water to get in. I do this for all my devices without water damage.

Then I fount out about best skins ever. and have used their gadget ever since. There was several other products, including ghostarmor, gadgetshieldz and another bodyguardz I used in the last couple years. and every time I think about best skins ever and come back to them.

They especially impressed me this time with the iphone 5s body skin. I never get any screen protector(which is not needed tbh, the iphone glass is super scratch resistant, that it doesn't make sense to put a softer, plastic cover on it. haven't paid the $30 for glass screen protectors cuz the screen doesn't get scratches). What's difficult about skins is to get corners to stick down. especially the corners around speaker port and between the volume buttons. the just stuck down so good, I love them.

Size wise they are cut to the most precise I've seen. You can really tell how good the size is from the side pieces - they are just a little narrower than the bezel so it doesn't get caught on to your finger/pocket and remove itself over time. Lengthwise the side pieces might have got stretched during the application. but overall it was a great fit.

Also great work on coming out with the matt finish. It is so much better than the old glossy and I didn't mind paying an extra buck for it. GET THE MATT

A quick review of all the brands I mentioned above, from the date I purchased them:
Zagg - brought for the 3gs, cost $58 after tax. not worth the money. comes with big box, squeegee and spray bottle.
Bodyguardz - brought for the 4 and later on 4s. they charge $35 after shipping and taxes. comes with box, squeegee and spray bottle. (Posted on 12/9/13)
best skin everReview by federico1978
I am from Spain, Only say one thing.. Best Skin Ever!!!!!!! (Posted on 12/4/13)
Amazing productReview by Ray
I am blown away at the quality of the product. Awesome price and awesome quality...will be buying again from you again. Thanks. (Posted on 11/27/13)
It Surpassed My Expectations!!!Review by Khyber
First, kudos to this company. They sent me a replacement when I told them that I never received the skins I ordered.

I just installed the skins on my brand new iPhone 5S (gold). I could not believe that it took less than 10min to apply the full body skins on my iPhone 5S. Of course, I made sure I watched the tutorial video online. I have owned several iPhones and have applied many different skins. Without a doubt, Best Skins Ever was the easiest to apply. The skins also look great on my iPhone. Outstanding!!! (Posted on 11/1/13)

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