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MacBook Pro 15-inch Skin: 2009-2013 Non-Retina Model

Complete coverage and individual Skin options.
Product Name Price Qty
MacBook Pro 15-inch (2009-2013 Model) Total Body Skin: Matte
MacBook Pro 15-inch (2009-2013 Model) Total Body Skin
MacBook Pro 15-inch (2009-2013 Model) Top Skin Only
MacBook Pro 15-inch (2009-2013 Model) Bottom Skin Only
MacBook Pro 15-inch Wrist Rest / Track Pad and Sides Kit Only (2009-2013 Model)

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About Our Matte Screen Film

Matte film provides low shine with a unique look that nearly eliminates smudges and screen glare. The trade off, however, is a reduction of the sharpness of the screen. See our blog post on Matte vs. Glossy Screen Protectors for more details.



MacBook Pro 15-inch Skin (2009-2013 Model),

- The total body Skin for the 2009-2013 Apple MacBook, 15-inch Aluminum model with the non-removable battery, launched 6/8/2009. Coverage includes the top, bottom and outside edges and the wrist rest and track pad on the inside. All screws remain accessible so removal of the Skin is not necessary for service.

- The Top Skin and/or the Bottom Skin options are available for purchase separately.

- The Wrist Rest / Track Pad and Sides Kit Only for the 2009-2013 MacBook combines all the other pieces (except the Top Skin and Bottom Skin) into one kit.

Confirmed: This Skin is compatible with the MacBook Pro models introduced on 6.11.12.

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Additional Info

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Customer Reviews (0)

Great ProductReview by Jah Beanz
I bought this for my late 2011 mac book pro. I kept it clean to begin with but this was amazing. Key is to use spray bottle with warm water and a little dish washing liquid, and have something like a credit card that you can wet with the soap water, to squeegee once the skin is in place. And have paper towel to catch excess as you squeegee. Don't want liquid in your ports or in the cracks. A+ (Posted on 12/31/15)
Excellent Protection for MacBook ProReview by Bruce
I purchased this skin about 6 months ago when I purchased my new MacBook Pro. It covers all the outside parts plus the palmrests and mousepad. After 6 months of inserting/removing from my backpack the edge of the top and front is starting to peel off but the bulk of the cover is still clinging on. :) (Posted on 1/11/14)
Really niceReview by pixel squid
I picked up a Total Body Skin for my used mid-2010 15 inch MacBook Pro, as I wanted to keep it in as pristine condition as I could.

The skin works very well and people wonder if I bought a special shiny version of the MacBook Pro when they see it!

The top was probably the hardest to put on, I would suggest to make sure you have enough solution on it so you can make adjustments. You also should clean the top as much as possible or you will end up with dust particles under the skin.

Once the top is on an lined up as perfectly as you can make it, I suggest you let it dry for at least a full day. Then, take a pair of small nail scissors or some other fine scissors and trim any parts of the skin that are hanging over the edge of the laptop lid.
This will prevent you from accidentally peeling part of the skin off, especially in the corners (those areas can also collect dust if left hanging). If you lined it up really well you may only need to trim the corners for this.

After I've done the above I have a pretty nice clean setup. The palm rest skins are also really really useful.

Good protection from scratches and palm sweat, doesn't get in the way once applied well. Looks nice and shiny!

(Posted on 12/9/13)

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