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iPhone 6S Plus (5.5 in) Skins

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About Our Matte Screen Film

Matte film provides low shine with a unique look that nearly eliminates smudges and screen glare. The trade off, however, is a reduction of the sharpness of the screen. See our blog post on Matte vs. Glossy Screen Protectors for more details.



iPhone 6S Plus Full Wrap Coverage

Apple has added some amazing new features to the iPhone 6S Plus over the previous model and the classic design still looks amazing today.  We took our iPhone 6 Plus clear 0.2 mm urethane surface protection film Kit and updated it to improve fit and finish for the iPhone 6S Plus.  The design has a tighter tollerance but remains easy to apply.

Coverage Options

You can choose screen protection only, body protection only or mix and match our different screen or body Skin options.  The most popular choice is the glossy screen protector and the matte full wrap body protector.  This combination is the most “invisible” once applied as the glossy screen Skin provides scratch protection with crystal clear viewing and and the matte body film matches the satin aluminum finish on the iPhone 6 nearly perfectly and covers nearly 100% of the phone’s body.  Read more below about the specific details of each option.

Standard Screen Protector

Our standard screen protector for the iPhone 6S Plus covers more than most coming less than 1 millimeter from the edge of the glass unlike most other screen covers that only cover to the point where the glass begins to curve down.  Because our film is flexible it conforms to the curve where others can't.  The phone speaker, front camera and proximity sensor all have individual cutouts rather than one big opening.  This takes longer to produce but it provides better coverage, integrity and just plain looks better.  The home button also gets its own cutout at the bottom.  Our screen protectors are available in clear glossy and anti-glare matte.  While matte does fight reflections and smudges well, be aware it will also reduce the screen clarity slightly.  Please note that no Home button coverage is included as the Touch ID does not work when covered.

Case Fit Screen Protector

Our case fit screen protector is designed to use in combination with a protective case.  We reduce the size of the standard screen protector by about 1 millimeter around the outside.  The home button and proximity sensor cutouts are also U shaped instead of a separate cutout.  Under normal conditions, if the case touches the screen protector it may cause it to push up and bubble where it contacts.  The smaller size avoids the case overlapping the screen Skin making it compatible with just about any hard case.

Full Wrap Body Coverage

Our kit designers were able to take it to the next level of coverage and protection with the iPhone 6S Plus.  The shape of the phone allows for near 100% protection of the aluminum body.  Our full body protection Skin shields the entire back of the aluminum body and wraps around the top, bottom and sides up to less than 1 millimeter from where the body meets the front glass.  The corners have been redesigned to provide even better protection and easier application.  Be sure to check out the video on our Youtube channel to learn how to apply your full body Skin like a ninja.

Simple Body Protector

This simplified body protector eliminates the side and corner coverage from the full body Skin wrapping just past where the back of the phone starts to curve away.  This design is very easy to apply as there are no fussy corners to deal with.  Without the sides it is also much easier to use with many tight fitting cases as there is no added size to the width of the phone.

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