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The 4 Most Anticipated Releases for the PlayStation Vita

Playstation VitaSony has really made this an exciting year to be a gamer. The release of the PlayStation 4 gave us some of the most impressive and creative titles ever seen, and developers have upped the ante in the game world. This doesn’t mean that Sony’s handheld game system, the PS Vita, has been forgotten. There are several titles that have been released so far, and many more on the way. Here’s a look at the PlayStation Vita Releases for 2014.

Final Fantasy X\X-2 HD Remaster (Available now)

Square Enix and Virtuos repurposed this classic PS2 original, and shrunk it onto the screen of the PS Vita. FFX/X-2 were heralded by many fans as the best adaptation of the Final Fantasy series. This is probably why they have been rereleased over 13 years after its first arrival!Final Fantasy X/X-2

The first game of this combo follows the protagonist, Tidus, who is on a journey to reach his homeland. Players battle enemies using a turn-based system, which requires a high level of strategy to master. Yuna, the love interest of Tidus from FFX, leads FFX-2. The gameplay in X-2 is more fast-paced than the original, and adds an entertaining contrast between the two games.

You can get both games as a combo package, and play out the entire series of events!

One Piece: Unlimited World Red (7/1/14)

Fans of the One Piece Japanese anime series will be glad to know that a PS Vita release is scheduled for July 1 of this year. The game is the fourth in the series, so we can expect some serious improvements to the former gameplay mechanics, as well as tons of downloadable content. Check out screenshots here, and see Luffy and his crew in action!

Velocity 2X (TBA)

Velocity on PS VitaThis is an indie game with great potential. Velocity 2X is FuturLab’s second iteration of a platform-based side-scroller. This time around, the sci-fi shooter is said to offer more action, and more puzzles than before.

A challenge in Velocity 2X could have you teleporting around a level to avoid obstacles, and navigate to your destination. There are both vehicle and on-foot portions of the game, so expect a variety of high and low moments. Though there is no set release date, Velocity 2X should be on shelves sometime later this year.

Pavilion (Q3/4 2014)

Not a first-person game, not a third-person game, Pavilion puts us in the fourth-person perspective for this adventure. Instead of directly controlling the main character, we’ll interact with him on-screen by altering the environment around him. The developers at Visiontrick Media say that Pavilion is a “puzzle game portrayed through exploration and audio-visual imagery.” By situating us in the fourth-person perspective, this game is sure to feature some challenging, yet unforgettable in-game moments.

Though Visiontrick has promised to release Pavilion by the end of the year, no official release date has been announced. For screenshots, music, and more about Pavilion, visit the official website here.

2014 has some awesome releases in store. Be sure to check back at our blog for updates about new technology, video game releases, and more.