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iPhone Skins

  • Status Update: iPhone 6S 6S Plus Skins and Screen Protectors

    Update:  All 6S kits are now shipping!

    If you've preordered a new iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus you're probably excited to get your protection accessories ordered.  If you're looking to get a new BSE Skin from us unfortunately we're going to make you wait just a bit.

    The new iPhones are slightly bigger than last years models.  According to Apple it's up to 0.2 millimeters in some dimensions.  That might not sound like much but our kits are designed to a very tight tolerance and we often make adjustments that measure less than 0.1 millimeter.

    Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 4.49.34 PM

    As such, we will have the new iPhone Skins up for preorder shortly and we will update this post when we do but we won't be able to ship until after launch day, September 25th, when we can test fit the kits on the new phones.

    At this point we don't have any reason to believe it won't work but we do also want to confirm that the new 3D Touch screen feature works without issue with our screen Skins applied.

    To be fair, our current iPhone 6 Skins should fit the new models fairly well but probably not as perfect as we would prefer.  If you do decide to order an iPhone 6 Skin for your new 6S model, from us or someone else, just be aware that it hasn't actually been tested to fit the new models.

    We only want to offer you guys the best products that meet our standards so we thank you for your patience.

  • Smartphones, Smart Watches and Phablets; Oh My!

    A Preview of New Technology to be Released in 2014

    As we transition into the New Year, the question on all of our minds is: “What new technology is on the way?” Manufacturers are constantly producing more impressive gadgets,and we are all looking forward to what 2014 has to offer in terms of new technology. But before we explore the new frontiers of smartphones, tablets and the like, let’s briefly review some of the technology that stood out in 2013.

    Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4

    Samsung’s Galaxy line has always made for a quality product, and this past year was no exception. The S4 impressed us with its user-friendly interface, and classic design. For these reasons, among others, it makes perfect sense that the Galaxy S4 was 2013’s best selling smartphone.

    Apple iPhone 5s/5c

    Apple consistently delivers superior quality with its iPhone product line. Since the release of the initial model, in 2007, Apple has only continued to impress us with their bold and innovative take on the smartphone, as we know it. The 5s came outfitted with three metallic-themed finishes, while the 5c opted for a vibrant, colorful feel, without sacrificing the Apple precision-of-use that users have grown accustomed to. Highly responsive technological features, and a gorgeous, slender finish cement the iPhone 5s and 5c in the list of phones to be recognized in 2013. Continue reading

  • Most Popular Tech Products This Year

    Every year, the latest-and-greatest gadgets tempt buyers into new purchases or upgrades. Find out which items are the most popular this year! Best Skins Ever has skins for all of the top items this year!

    While tablet computers are available in all shapes and sizes, Google Nexus 7 is one of the fastest and most efficient tablets available. It runs smoothly on Android's latest operating system, and it comes with a 7-inch display, front and rear cameras, and an extensive battery life. The tablet's screen is clear and colorful, and users can view it from virtually any angle without losing the quality of the image. The Google Nexus 7 weighs only 10.2 ounces and is available for purchase at a starting price of $229. Continue reading

  • Apple Announces the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C!

    On September 10th, Apple unveiled its two newest iPhone models to the public: the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5S is geared toward the higher end of the market, while the iPhone 5C is the less expensive version of the two and is designed to serve customers with a smaller tech budget. Both phones are an upgrade from the current models available, the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S. Apple will continue to offer the iPhone 4S as a free alternative while the iPhone 5 is being discontinued. Continue reading

  • How Best Skins Ever Differs from the Competition - Review

    BestSkinsEver was proud to receive a 5-Star Rating for our iPhone 5 Full Body Skins by reviewer Larry Greenberg. Read an excerpt of his review below: Continue reading

  • Facebook Home vs. iPhone 5

    Facebook Home is one of the newest innovations to hit the smartphone market. Using Android's open-door policy, this new application replaces the existing user interface on Android phones with a new interface that focuses on social networks, as opposed to applications. Because the new app is compatible only with Android products, iPhone users aren't able to utilize it. However, some iPhone users still proclaim their devices to be superior. To help consumers form an opinion, a detailed comparison of Android phones equipped with Facebook's new app to the well-respected iPhone 5 is included below.

    Comparable Devices

    Although Facebook Home utilizes the Android operating system, it is not compatible with all Android products. Currently, the only devices that can tolerate this new app are a select few from HTC and Samsung. One such phone is the HTC First, which is the first to come preloaded with the software. For the purposes of comparison, consider the HTC First as the original "Facebook Phone". See what other phones are compatible with Facebook Home here.


    When compared to the iPhone, the HTC First's hardware is lacking. The storage is more limited, the camera isn't as strong, and the speed of the phone is slower. The core operating system of the HTC First is more likely to experience delays, and some lag is also present within individual apps. That being said, Facebook Home seems to function very well in conjunction with this hardware.

    User Interface

    The user interface on the Facebook phone is very different from the user interface on the iPhone. Although Facebook Home isn't actually a different operating system, it will feel like one for most users. After turning the device on for the first time, users log on with their Google and Facebook credentials. On every subsequent start-up, images pulled from the user's Facebook friends will rotate constantly across the screen. Users can also view recent status updates on this screen.

    Users can scroll through all of these initial images and messages without even unlocking the phone, and users can "like" these displays by simply double-tapping the screen. Comments can also be posted directly from the home page.

    As for the iPhone's user interface, it is much more similar to the original Android OS. The interface is centered on applications, many of which can be accessed directly from the home screen. To view Facebook, users must install and click on the Facebook application, or they must visit Facebook via the phone's internet browser.

    Summing Up

    These two phones are very different, but neither is overtly superior to the other. When choosing the ideal phone, users must consider the features that are most important to them. Users who are heavily engaged with social media and are constantly logging on to Facebook during the day may prefer the Facebook phone, whereas users who aren't as addicted to social media may prefer the more classic, application-based approach of the iPhone.

  • What Is Facebook Home?

    The powers that be at Android and Facebook have teamed up in an effort to topple the almighty iPhone in the hearts and minds of social media lovers everywhere. What is the creation this meeting of the minds came up with? It’s called Facebook Home; and if you haven’t heard of it yet, you probably will – very soon.

    Facebook Fans Rejoice

    Who doesn’t have a Facebook obsession these days? Whether it’s crazy cat videos, silly little postcard witticisms, or the ability to keep in touch with friends and family in one convenient location – and without the necessary round of ten thousand phone calls and text messages to share big news with everyone in your social circles – Facebook is becoming a larger part of society every day.

    What Are the Benefits of Facebook Home?

    For people who spend a lot of time navigating in and out of Facebook apps on their mobile phones, the benefits are immeasurable. For one thing, updates, new posts, and Facebook notifications go directly to your Facebook phone screen. Chat heads allows you to send and receive Facebook messages and texts in a single location. You can even continue chatting while using other mobile apps. The bottom line is that this is the definitive Facebook tool for anyone who takes their social networking seriously.

    Who Can Get the App?

    Currently, the Facebook Home app is only available on certain phones that have been named an official Facebook phone. They include:

    • HTC One X
    • HTC One X+
    • Samsung Galaxy Note II
    • Samsung Galaxy S III

    While you are able to download the Home app from the Google Play Store for any of the above phones, the phone that’s getting the most attention as the definitive Facebook Phone is the HTC First. In addition to being available on phones, the Home app should be available for tablets this summer.

    What’s the Big Deal?

    People are living their lives on the go more and more. This means more people are looking for ways to stay connected without being tied to their laptops or tablet devices.

    Facebook Home puts that information in the palms of people's hands and makes it easier than ever for young and old alike to carry on long Facebook conversations, check out videos, and even vote on their best friends cute kid contest entries. Whether they’re watching their kids practice soccer, standing in line at the bank, or waiting on movies to start at local cinemas, people can connect with their friends at any point. You can even fill your phone screen with friends and family and their posts to your Facebook news feed so that you’re always up-to-date with what's going on with your family tree.

    If you love Facebook and use it regularly, you really can’t go wrong with a phone that includes Facebook’s new app as a major feature. Download the app today if you already have a compatible phone and let us know what you think.

    Whether you’re using an HTC One or Samsung Galaxy to use Facebook’s new app, be sure that your phone is protected with the best skin ever.

  • Galaxy S 4 vs iPhone 5: Which One is Best For Me

    The smartphone industry is extremely competitive, and the top manufacturers are always trying to outdo one another. The most recent evidence of this phenomenon lies in the release of the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4, which both hit the market within the last few months. While choosing one phone over the other is often a matter of preference, you can get a better idea of which phone might be best for you by comparing the primary characteristics and specifications of these two products.

    The Apple iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 possess several similar specifications. Both phones come with:

    • Option of 16, 32 or 64 GB of storage • Rear and front facing video cameras • Equipped with GPS • Same version of Bluetooth

    Some of the major differences you will see include:

    Operating System The newest Apple iPhone uses the iOS 6.1.2, while the Samsung Galaxy S4 uses the latest version of the Android operating system, known as "Jelly Bean." Both of these operating systems represent the best in the market. However, Apple's operating system is easier to learn and understand than the Jelly Bean, especially for users who are new to smartphones.

    Applications Applications for the Apple iPhone 5 are available from the Apple App Store, while applications for the Galaxy S4 come from the Google Play Store. The Apple App Store is still the best in terms of the number of applications available for purchase, but the Google Play Store is rapidly gaining ground. Soon, the two stores will offer a similar number and variety of applications for smartphone users.

    Screen Size and Weight Screen size is one of the features for which the Galaxy S4 has the advantage. The Galaxy S4's screen is much larger than that of the Apple iPhone 5, with screen sizes of 5 and 4 inches respectively. However, at 4.59 oz, the Galaxy S4 also weighs more than the Apple iPhone, which weighs only 4 oz.

    Resolution The screen resolution of the Galaxy S4 is expected to be superior to that of the iPhone 5. The S4's resolution is impressive at 1920 by 1080 pixels, while the iPhone's resolution is 1136 by 640.

    Camera Both phones include front and rear facing cameras with decent resolution. However, while the iPhone's front and rear facing cameras feature resolutions of 8 and 1.2 megapixels respectively, the Galaxy S4's front and rear facing cameras have superior resolutions of 13 and 2 megapixels.

    In addition, the Galaxy S4 is unveiling several new features, including Sound and Shot, which allows users to capture sound and still images simultaneously, and Dual Camera, which allows users to combine shots captured from both the front and rear cameras.

    Processor Speed The final point of comparison between these two phones involves the speed of the processor. While the Apple iPhone's processor offers a respectable speed of 1 GHz, the Samsung Galaxy S4 nearly doubles this speed at a whopping 1.9 GHz.

    For most of the diehard Apple fans, choosing between these two phones is a no-brainer. The Apple App Store is better established, and the smaller, lighter phone is easier to hold and carry than the S4. However, when you compare the specifications, there are also several characteristics that could make the Samsung Galaxy S4 a better choice for many other smartphone users. The screen is much larger, allowing for better gameplay and easier visibility. The Galaxy S4's screen and camera resolutions are also better than the resolutions available on the iPhone, thus offering a richer viewing experience, better pictures and superior videos. Finally, the Galaxy S4's processor speed is clearly better than that of the iPhone, which provides users with faster, more efficient operations.

    Whichever one you decide to purchase, don’t forget to protect your investment with Best Skins Ever screen skins. We have skins for the front, back or full body skins!

  • 5 iPhone Tips & Tricks

    The iPhone is one of the most advanced smartphones on the market. You can use your iPhone for almost anything, from surfing the web to holding virtual "meetings" with friends, coworkers, and family members. Even with hours of practice, however, it's nearly impossible to learn everything there is to know about this innovative mobile device. Below are some iPhone tricks you may not have ever discovered on your own.

    1. Perform a soft reset

    Even though the iPhone is designed to function perfectly at all times, the screen may sometimes freeze up, especially if you try to run too many applications at one time. Fortunately, you can easily solve the problem by performing a soft reset. According to iSmashPhone, you can reset the device by simply holding down the sleep and home buttons simultaneously until the screen turns off and restarts.

    2. Scroll quickly to the top of the page

    When surfing the Internet or reading email, you may sometimes find yourself scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the page only to find that you need to return to the top. To accomplish this task quickly, simply tap the top bar, which is the bar that features the battery life and time. Your screen will immediately return to the top of the page.

    3. Answer calls with your headphones

    Few iPhone users realize that the headphones accompanying the device come with a button that you can use to answer phone calls, hang up and send calls you don't want to answer to voicemail. You can also use the headphones to answer call waiting or ignore it. Even when calls aren't coming in, you can use the button on the headphones to play songs, pause them and skip to the next song.

    When a call is coming in, answer it by pressing the button once, or press the button twice to send the call to voicemail. If a second call comes in while you're already on the phone, press the button once to answer it, or press and hold the button for two seconds to send it to voicemail. Finally, you can play and pause songs with one press of the button, or you can skip to the next song by pressing the button twice.

    4. Take a quick screenshot

    According to iPhoneToolBox, taking a screenshot is easier than most iPhone users may think. If you want to take a quick picture of the screen, simply hold the home button down and click the lock button one time. The screenshot will be taken immediately. You will know you have been successful if the screen flashes white.

    5. Insert punctuation fast

    When texting or typing on the iPhone, you must typically switch to the symbols screen, designated by the "123" button, to insert punctuation or numbers. However, if you are in a hurry, you can use a shortcut to add punctuation or numbers to your message. Simply press and hold the "123" button, slide your finger over to the symbol you would like to add to the message and release.

    Are you favorite tip or trick missing from the list? Let us know what your favorite is below so others can use their iPhone to its fullest capabilities and as always, don’t forget to protect your iPhone from everyday wear and tear!

  • Did the iPhone 5 Live Up to Expectations?

    For months before its release Apple fans were speculating about the features rumored to come with the iPhone 5: a bigger screen, faster processing, and better software were all expected. The anticipation grew as the release date came closer. Now that the long-awaited gadget has arrived, techies look back to determine whether it lived up to all of the excitement.


    The iPhone 5 isn't just a newer version of the 4S. Apple has tweaked it in many ways, and users are overwhelmingly happy with the changes. Some of the differences between the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S are:

    • Slim, light design
    • Faster processor
    • Bigger screen
    • 4G LTE technologies
    • Free navigation (only sometimes available on the 4S)
    • Higher quality speakerphone
    • Better quality images.

    The 4G LTE alone is a significant selling point for the iPhone 5. According to anecdotal evidence from users, 4G LTE is faster than many Wi-Fi networks. In fact, some users have programmed their iPhones to ignore local Wi-Fi networks and stick to 4G LTE at all times, simply because this new technology seems to be more efficient. The longer screen and improved aspect ratio are also particularly impressive. Though users indicate that the difference is subtle at first, it's difficult to go back to the iPhone 4S once you've enjoyed this new perspective. The home screen can fit an additional row of icons, and movies no longer appear in letterbox.

    In addition to the other upgraded features, Siri has received a makeover for the iPhone 5, and she is now able to respond more intelligently to many of a user's requests.


    Though the iPhone 5 brought a lot of upgrades to the table, tech experts still see room for improvement. Though the screen is larger than that of the iPhone 4S, it isn't as big as some of the other popular smart phones on the market, such as the Samsung Galaxy S3. The iPhone 5's battery life also leaves something to be desired.


    The iPhone 5 isn't perfect and there is no doubt that Apple will release yet another new model in the future. However, with its multitude of innovative new features and upgrades, no one can deny that the iPhone 5 lived up to the hype. Users asked for a larger screen, faster processing and better applications, and Apple definitely delivered.

    What new features or changes would you like to see on the next iPhone model? Don’t forget to protect your investment with our iPhone 5 body skins; we have both screen protectors and full body protection.

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