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How Best Skins Ever Differs from the Competition - Review

BestSkinsEver was proud to receive a 5-Star Rating for our iPhone 5 Full Body Skins by reviewer Larry Greenberg. Read an excerpt of his review below:

BestSkinsEver sent along two of their full body protective kits for me to review. The first contained a set of matte back and side pieces along with a glossy clear front piece. While the second set contained a full set (back, sides and front) of just matte. Take note, that in order to save money BSE doesn’t include any install solution along with their products. This is a “wet” install so you’ll have to make up your own solution to install it. Fear not though. Making up the solution is as easy as adding some dish washing liquid to water...

For this review I opted to install the matte sections to the back and sides of my iPhone 5 and the glossy clear skin to the front. I followed the directions detailed in the video above and the process went fairly smooth. The back and front pieces went on without issue. I did have some fit issues with the sides. BSE ever told me that they “intentionally design their skins for a tight fit with small tolerances. The stretchy properties of the matte film, which allows it to conform around the complex corners providing better coverage, also make it easier for the thin side pieces to be stretched out of shape during the application process.” I may have overstretched some of the pieces a tad because I found, one or two times I had trouble making all the pieces fit together.

Eventually though, with care, I got them on right. The matte product is almost invisible. Once installed, bubble free, which is quite easy to accomplish with a wet install, and after the product fully cures (24-28 hours) it simply looks spectacular. At times it actually had me questioning whether or not I’d forgotten to install a section, especially on the sides. It looks that good. If you’re after protection for the sides and back of your phone that’s not noticeable, this is it, period. I did play around with installing the matte skin on the front and while I recognize the anti-fingerprint qualities it offers I just can’t bring myself to cloud up the iPhone 5′s beautiful Retina display.The glossy clear front skin doesn’t degrade the clarity of the Retina display in any way. There’s little to no orange peal effect either. This “rough” texture is found in many of the wet-install skins on the market and I’m glad to see BSE has found a way to eliminate it.

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