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  • Intermittent Payment Processing Issue Today

    As you may already be aware, many major websites are being affected today by an ongoing DDoS attack including Twitter, Netflix and our payment processor, PayPal. This is not affecting the security of our payment system but it is causing intermittent delays and errors when processing payments. If you have trouble completing checkout you may have to try again a little later.  We're very sorry for the inconvenience.

    You can read more about this news story on Google here.

  • Preorder BSE Protection Skins for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

    The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge official launch is just around the corner and, due to demand, we have begun taking pre orders for protection kits for both devices.

    Samsung-Galaxy-S7-Preorder Samsung-Galaxy-S7-Edge-Preorder

    Our Skins for the S6 Edge and Edge+ phones have been very popular due to the curved screen and how tightly our Skins fit to the edge of the device.  Now that the new S7 devices both have curved glass around the edges applying a screen protector that can do the job of covering those edges will be crucial.

    See the detail of our screen cover on the Galaxy S6 Edge+


    We expect kits to begin shipping shortly after the official launch day.

  • Tablet vs Laptop: Which Makes a Better Graduation Gift?

    Soldier with laptop

    Do you have a child or family member who recently graduated and you’re wondering what type of computer would make a useful gift to prepare them for the future?

    This is a common question many families are facing this time of year. The easy answer is that desktops are no longer a practical option.

    No matter which computer system the graduate needs, they must be mobile. If they’re heading to college, they’ll need to take it to the library, take it to class, take it home for the weekend, and still be able to do their schoolwork. If they’re enlisting in the military, they’ll have limited space to lug their gear around. And for someone entering the workforce, tying yourself down to only use one desk in the home tends to be an impractical decision.

    Computers for College

    For the child going to university in the fall, their top choice will almost always be a laptop. For technical majors like engineering, tablets just aren’t the answer. They aren’t appropriate for someone doing a full scale development effort in say Java or some other programming language. While there are smaller versions, like AutoCAD 360 for the iPad, it seems more useful for viewing drawings than doing sophisticated modeling.

    Now, some of the liberal arts majors like education, psychology, or English may find tablets useful. They are lightweight, offer on-screen keyboards for touch typing, and fulfill typical needs like note taking, web access for research, and email. But, think about those 20 or more page term papers, and consider whether a touch screen is the right choice for creating a large document.

    Tablets to Take to Boot Camp

    Need to pick up a computer system for the future soldier? Their needs are typically straightforward. They want to be able to communicate with friends, family, and loved ones back home. That involves web access for apps like Skype and the ability to surf, access email, and use of a camera.

    Given the space constraints, grab them a tablet, perhaps even one of the miniature ones. The smaller, the better here, with a good battery to boot. Consider purchasing an external battery to give them additional juice when they’re on the move and away from power for extended periods of time. They might not have web access at the time, but could use the device for entertainment.

    Tools For the Workforce

    If your graduate is heading out into the workforce, you have the most flexibility in which system to purchase. You can get a decent laptop or tablet for under five hundred dollars, or under $750 if you prefer more advanced features.

    Budget alone won’t nail down the decision for you. It really comes down to a matter of choice. Tablets give the user a touch screen with a “soft” keyboard with no tactile feedback. Laptops allow use of a full keyboard. You can certainly get a larger screen on the laptop (for more money), but apart from the potential for a larger scale screen on the laptop, there isn’t much difference there. It is almost a matter of choice here and if you can ask the graduate which they would prefer, they’ll be happiest with the choice.

    So, Which to Get For Your Graduate?

    In the end, the tablet vs laptop question boils down to practicality and where the graduate is headed. For the college bound student, grab them a laptop. This also works for the workforce bound, who plan on taking classes on the side. Future soldiers would be happiest to have tablets, or laptops on the smaller side. Lightweight and durability are key here. A tablet skin to give added protection is the perfect addition to go along with your gift.

    For the newly employed graduate, you have more choices. You can almost flip a coin as they’ll welcome having any new way of getting online.

  • Earth Day Sale

    Yes, it is true.  In celebration of Earth Day (April 22nd) we are offering everybody on Earth a 22% discount through Wednesday, April 24, 2013.

    On Earth Day and everyday, we do what we can by reusing and recycling as much as we can while making our protective products for the Android phones, iPhones, and other personal electronics.  Our goal has always been to provide a quality product while minimizing our packaging material for our shipments to you.  But it doesn't stop there, we hope that you too will join us in recycle that packaging when you are through with it.  Help us to pass on a clean planet to the next generation.

    Browse our catalog and see what new additions we've made to the selection at

    Thanks for your business and thank you for your efforts on Earth Day and everyday!

  • Top 5 Photography Enhancing Apps of 2012

    When it comes to mobile apps, how do you pick the best one for your needs? Do you go by reviews, word of mouth, or trial and error? No matter which direction you go to pick your apps, if you’re a photography enthusiast (or just want to learn more about photography), why not try some of these fun photography-enhancing apps that we have enjoyed so far.

    Instagram. This free and powerful photo-sharing app allows you to upload and share your pictures with your close friends and family, and anyone else for that matter. Just upload or take a new photo and choose a filter and your image is ready to go. You can even share your images directly to Facebook and Twitter.

    Hipstamatic. With the touch of a button, you can now make your digital photographs look like they were taken with a regular old-fashioned camera. You can easily change the lens, flash and film type used to make each of your photos look truly unique. Quickly and easily share these images on Instagram or other social media sites.

    ShakeIt. ShakeIt brings back everyone’s favorite camera directly onto your phone – the Polaroid camera. This app allows you to turn any of your phone’s photos into a perfect Polaroid image. Check out their blog for some really cool ideas and community-shared images!

    Color Splash. Color Splash allows you to quickly edit your image’s color palette by converting them to black and white while keeping select colors in the detail of every image. You can use your finger as a brush to paint sections of your image or bring back the original color. You can also zoom in and out of your picture to work up close and personal with each detail. Like the aforementioned apps, this one allows you to share your finished products on multiple social networks as well.

    InstaCollage. This app comes in both a free version and a paid version and works directly with the Instagram app mentioned above. This app will allow you to make a collage out of your current photo library and upload it directly to Instagram for all of your followers to see. This app has tons of collage layouts as well as fun boarders to use.

  • Holiday Shopping: Top Selling Gadgets of 2012

    It can be nearly impossible to come up with the perfect present for that techie in your life. With technology being so prevalent nowadays, gadgets have become the most popular category for people to shop for – everyone wants something electronic!

    But what would be the perfect techie present? We are here to help get your buying process started with a list of the top high tech gadgets this holiday season. Everyone has an opinion on different brands, so we left out specific products, but if you keep in mind the following categories in your holiday shopping you’ll be sure to get a smile when you give your gift.


    Even though modern smartphones can take pictures of sufficient quality for posting online, it’s good to have a dedicated camera to capture the shots you really want to keep – and dare we say it – print. For everyday usage, look for digital cameras with at least 10 megapixels. For more professional pictures, the prices definitely go up, and you will most likely want to look into getting a digital SLR instead of a point and shoot camera. To get the absolutely best print quality however, you still can’t beat an old school 35mm camera.

    Portable Media Players

    Media players have come a long way in the past few years. Although some people use their smart phones to listen to music and watch movies, many people prefer to have their media in a smaller, easier to carry media player. Media players now even have Wi-Fi access, making it easier to access the Internet on the go. Some offer photo and video capabilities as well.


    Tablets are the “in” tech toy of the year. Easier to transport than a laptop, but with all the same functionality, these devices offer the ultimate answer for staying connected to the world while also allowing for media sharing (pictures, books, movies, etc.). There is a major brand battle going on in this space, with multiple legitimate contenders vying for bragging rights. Do your research for the features your techie will want most, but getting a tablet gift is a virtual lock for being a favorite gift this holiday season.

    Smart Phones

    Smart phones are the cornerstone technology advancement of our generation. They offer safety and convenience with GPS options and allow them to stay connected with friends and family through social media, the web, and of course texts and calls – if you actually use a phone for its voice functionality anymore.


    It’s good practice to update your laptop at least every four years to stay on top of the latest technology. If you know someone lugging around a brick of a laptop, or who constantly complains that their programs take too long to load or have run out of storage space, a laptop would be a welcome gift. New laptops have better web cams, better Wi-Fi, Windows 8, and more.

    Protect Your Investments

    How do you keep the gifts you give as amazing as they are the first day? By taking care of them! Protective skin covers can help prolong their life, and keep them looking new throughout years of use and abuse. Don’t forget to order your Best Skins Ever protective skins along with your technology purchases.  Check out our tablet skins, media player skins, or Apple product skins to get started.

  • October Gadget Round Up

    This month, it’s all about the iPad Mini release!

    Everything We Know About the iPad Mini (Mashable)

    The best part about product releases is figuring out which rumors actually play out. Here, Mashable breaks down the new iPad’s projected screen size, price, connector port and release date.

    Recommended Products: iPad Skins


    With iPad Mini, Apple Continues to Sever Samsung Supply Ties (Wired)

    Ever since this summer’s Apple vs. Samsung trial, many have wondered how the two would continue working together, as Apple has long used Samsung components in their products. But many analysts are beginning to project the expected iPad mini to be Apple’s most “Samsung-Free Product.”

    Recommended Products: Apple Screen Protectors

    Why not a range of iPads? Maybe an iPad Mini, Midi, and Maxi? (CNET)

    A novel idea from the folks at CNET. While many Apple fans resisted the idea of a smaller tablet to complete with the booming mini tablet market, a counterpoint is made by the idea of an entire line of iPad sizes. Apple products carry such high demand not just because of their dazzling displays and user friendliness, but because they’re must-have items to promote a certain image. So why not create multiple personas with multiple iPads?

    Recommended Products: Tablet Skins

  • What’s Next for Apple?

    Source: Gizmodo Source: Gizmodo

    Following the recent iPhone 5 announcement, Apple fans worldwide found that many, if not all of the leaked rumors preceding its release came true. The 4-inch display, A6 processor, new charging connector: almost every plan, blueprint, patent or rumor recently hitting the internet came true at the September 12 announcement of Apple’s latest smartphone.

    Aside from the iPhone 5 rumor mill, Apple fans and critics still expect one more prophecy to come true. For months, rumors have been pointing towards the possibility of not only an iPhone release this fall, but also a miniature version of the iPad. Many believe the anticipated iPad Mini (the most commonly used speculative title) will have the same big-ticket demand as Apple’s other marquee releases this year: the iPad 3, MacBook Pro Retina and recently announced iPhone 5.

    Within the super-competitive tablet market, many Android-based tablet manufacturers have found success branching out and marketing cheaper tablets with smaller displays, like Google’s Nexus 7 tablet and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.0.

    The possibility of a cheaper Apple tablet has market analysts buzzing. Rhonda Alexander from HIS iSuppli told CNET that a smaller price tag could be all that Apple needs to dominate the mini tablet market. The mere idea of a 7-inch iPad has competitors already remarketing their already successful products. Google has heavily invested in advertisements for the $199 Nexus 7 tablet.

    The latest Apple rumors have fans, critics and retailers waiting on the edge of their seats for the latest shred of detail in regards to a new product. The rumors and speculation that preceded the iPhone 5 announcement helped create such demand that some accessory manufacturers began taking pre-orders iPhone screen protectors, cases and cell phone skins before the Sept. 12 announcement.

    With Apple fans still buzzing about Apple’s latest products, what will October hold? What would a new iPad mini mean for those who sell, manufacture or use tablet accessories and iPad Skins? One can only wait and see.

  • What’s the difference between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S?

    September 12 has passed and the world has been introduced to the iPhone 5. The announcements are out, the publicity wagon is in full effect, every electronics retailer and apps developer has begun marketing their newest and greatest iPhone products, etc.

    The buzz surrounding a new product release as monumental as the latest iPhone has, to no surprise, shaken the entire tech community. But when you strip out the fluff, what will the next generation Apple product actually bring?

    Some would argue the most innovative smart phone in history. Others would argue the iPhone is another template Apple release with incrementally improved technology and claims to invent what’s already been invented. Whatever your sentiment towards Apple’s iPhone 5, the phone is a huge commodity and there will no doubt be astronomical demand.

    Many of those looking to find an unbiased account of the iPhone 5 are asking one basic question: what’s the big deal? What is the difference between the iPhone 5 and its immediate predecessor, the iPhone 4S?


    It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? One of Apple’s greatest improvements to the latest iPhone is internal. The A6 chip is claimed to be twice as fast with twice the graphics power as the A5. The latest operating system, Apple iOS 6 will hopefully provide efficient use for even the heaviest app users. And last but certainly not least, Apple’s new 4G LTE capabilities have iPhone users everywhere rejoicing in the name of download speed, while wireless carriers prepare to rake in the dollars from the boosted data usage.


    Apple is design first - they always have been and they most likely always will be. The user-friendliness is one thing, the innovative technology is another, but Apple’s primary differentiator is in its aesthetics. So much so that one of the first and most popular rumors circulated before its release was its 4-inch display. This was coupled with Apple’s huge mobile push in display resolution, as the iPhone 5 is the latest release with Apple HD Retina Display resolution.

    iPhone owners - like most all owners of Apple products – invest heavily in smartphone screen protectors and full-bodied skins to protect their expensive toys. If you’re planning to upgrade, get your iPhone 5 screen protector to ensure your shiny new investment stays looking new for a long time to come.

  • MacBook Pro 15-inch (2012 Model) Skin Release!

    Now accepting orders for the New MacBook Pro 15-inch (2012 Model) Skins with shipments beginning Monday, Jun 18th!

    We offer clear, affordable, protection to keep your sleek MacBook looking like new.

    Make sure everything on your MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina Display remains crystal clear by protecting it with our transparent Skins.

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