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October Gadget Round Up

This month, it’s all about the iPad Mini release!

Everything We Know About the iPad Mini (Mashable)

The best part about product releases is figuring out which rumors actually play out. Here, Mashable breaks down the new iPad’s projected screen size, price, connector port and release date.

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With iPad Mini, Apple Continues to Sever Samsung Supply Ties (Wired)

Ever since this summer’s Apple vs. Samsung trial, many have wondered how the two would continue working together, as Apple has long used Samsung components in their products. But many analysts are beginning to project the expected iPad mini to be Apple’s most “Samsung-Free Product.?

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Why not a range of iPads? Maybe an iPad Mini, Midi, and Maxi? (CNET)

A novel idea from the folks at CNET. While many Apple fans resisted the idea of a smaller tablet to complete with the booming mini tablet market, a counterpoint is made by the idea of an entire line of iPad sizes. Apple products carry such high demand not just because of their dazzling displays and user friendliness, but because they’re must-have items to promote a certain image. So why not create multiple personas with multiple iPads?

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