A few years ago before my company was around, I bought a skin for my iPod from another manufacturer. As soon as it came in the mail, I knew I’d paid too much. Sure, the packaging was nice, but all I really wanted was the skin inside. And that packaging, along with all the marketing around it, was costing me more money – and it ended up right in the trash.

After some research, I discovered a way to offer great-quality clear protective covers that didn’t cost much to manufacture. I also discovered other companies often add marketing spin to try and convince you the protective material they use is worth more than it really is. I wasn’t buying it, and I was convinced I could do a better design – charging good people a lot less money for it. So that’s what I did.

To keep our prices down at Best Skins Ever, we avoid getting bloated with too many employees and too much marketing. In fact, I still have a hand in the design of every skin. Thanks for your interest in our company. We’re unhealthily obsessed with keeping your stuff shiny. Because we know you are too.

Michael Herring
– President, Best Skins Ever, Inc.