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Form Vs. Functionality – The Battle on Using a Cellphone Case

Naked Cell Phones- Best Skins EverA new trend is emerging among cellphone owners: people wanting to show off their devices and forgo using cases. Phone manufacturers have been spending as much time making their phones look cool, as they have making sure that they work well. It’s becoming more and more important in this market to have your phone look “cool,” and design plays a major role in selling devices, as evidenced by the new iPhone 5s, which is available in 3 new colors. Some phones offer a slick, glossy design theme, while others boast a frosted chrome finish. Whatever device suits your preference, the question of the case comes into play in all instances.

These technological masterpieces might look amazing, but considering the costs it takes to repair and replace them, covering them with a case is definitely an option to be considered. I mean, really, who wants to pay upward of 700 bucks to replace a phone – to replace for that matter? Not us, that’s for sure. Despite the chance of an epic cell phone drop and replacement, many people have been letting their devices bare all: folks talking on uncovered cellphones, phones getting mixed up at parties. Needless to say, these trends could pose some dangers for phone owners. But are there benefits to letting your phone experience life in the nude? Here are a few potential pros and cons.

Reasons to Use a Phone Case

  • Protect Against Cosmetic Damage: One of the major benefit of outfitting your cellphone or tablet with a case is to protect it against bumps, dings, scrapes, and scratches. This is especially true of models that are particularly delicate or sensitive to impact (we’re looking at you, Apple). Even the most careful person will drop their device at least once or twice in the time that they own it. Best not to let this be the one time that your device takes an unrecoverable tumble.
  • Distinguish Your Device: With a few major cellphone manufacturers dominating the mobile market, and over 420 million iPhones being sold world wide, chances are you’ll have the same phone as someone else you’ll encounter on any given day. A cell phone case is a great way to protect your phone, while adding a sense of your personal style to the device. Now, having a similar model to another person is not much of an issue, as the majority of your device will be wrapped in a stylish, protective covering.
  • Functional Protection:<> In addition to protecting your phone from external damage, a cellphone case could guard your device against internal damages as well. Your phone might look fine after a drop from waist-level, but there is a chance that hardware inside your phone can be broken or shaken loose, causing bigger problem than a scuff or scratch. This will preserve the resale value of your device as well.

Reasons to Go Bare

  • Cost: Let’s face it; you might not want to pay an additional; $40 or $50 after investing in a phone that is upward of four times this price. There are some cheaper options, but a case worth its salt is going to run you a fairly steep amount. When considering how much it would cost to repair the phone, or the resale value even after repairs, this might be an expense you want to avoid.
  • Added Bulk: A major selling point of most phones is size. A thin device that fits nicely in the hand, and better in the pocket is what most of us look for in a phone these days. Putting a case on your device could easily sacrifice pocket room, or hand comfortability.
  • Room for Failure: All cases are not going to protect your phone 100% of the time. Concrete and rocks have no discrimination toward phone cases, and will easily shatter the exposed glass front of your device, completely ignoring the case. Some investment.

To avoid some of these cons, and get the best of both worlds, Best Skins Ever offers amazing covers for multiple devices in different finishes that will protect your phone from scratches. What do you think about leaving your phone caseless? Make your case here!