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T-Mobile announces it is Launching 4G LTE

T-Mobile announced plans to debut its lightening fast 4G LTE network service. The service initially rolls out in seven major metropolitan areas with plans to provide HSPA+ (High Speed Packet Access) speeds to more than 100 major metropolitan areas serving 185 million people throughout the U.S. by year’s end. Currently, HSPA+ is available in 50 major metro areas within the country.

The seven fortunate metropolitan areas to enjoy T-Mobile’s new 4G LTE network right away are:

  • Baltimore
  • Houston
  • Washington, D.C.
  • San Jose
  • Kansas City
  • Phoenix
  • Las Vegas

T-Mobile, however, has no plans to sit back and relax now that its 4G LTE network is up and running in these few cities. Plans for rapid expansion are already underway for bigger and bolder offers in the future.

What does T-Mobile’s LTE Network Mean for Consumers?

Perhaps the best news to consider with T-Mobile’s LTE network is that consumers have access to the lightening fast speeds the 4G LTE network is known for, without the lengthy contracts required by other carriers. Not all smartphones are LTE equipped. However, T-Mobile has plans to offer at least five, in the coming months. These include:

It goes without saying that as more people join the network; speeds will begin to slow to some degree. For now, the network really does deliver on their promises to bring faster mobile Internet speeds to the masses.

What Sets T-Mobile’s Network Apart from Other Carriers?

The main difference consumers experience when turning to T-Mobile as a carrier is the difference of clarity, and not necessarily in terms of sound. Other companies have confusing pricing plans and contracts. T-Mobile has turned its back on the confusion and the contract requirements. For this reason, consumers get clear pricing for the services they purchase and aren’t required to invest in contracts.

The only potential downside involves the pricing of devices. Since T-Mobile isn’t participating in contract gimmicks, they aren’t able to offer the substantial price reductions other carriers offer in order to entice customers to buy new phones. However, T-Mobile does offer payment plans to spread the payments over the course of two years rather than paying the total costs of new phones, some of which cost over $500 up front.

The new 4G LTE network is only one part of T-Mobiles efforts to bring a little bit of simplicity back to the mobile phone purchase process and another sign of T-Mobile’s commitment to have an “Un-carrier” attitude. Consumers stand in prime positions to reap the rewards of this new way of doing business.

Are you on the LTE network? Which cell carrier do you use? Let us know the good, the bad and the ugly so others can use your knowledge when shopping for a new phone!