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What's the Best Mini Keyboard for My Tablet

Mini keyboards are a useful tablet accessory, especially if you will spend significant time typing with your tablet. Below are some of the best mini keyboards available in 2013. Although these keyboards are designed for use with the iPad, you can usually pair them with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as the Kindle.

Logitech FabricSkin Folio

The FabricSkin Folio is one of the best creations from Logitech to date. Not only does this keyboard allow you to reach new levels of convenience when using your tablet, but it also provides protection for the tablet during transport. The folio is made from plastic and durable fabric, which encloses the tablet completely. The fabric has a rubber-like quality, which allows for a more secure grip when the tablet is being held.

To connect the keyboard to the folio, simply open the folio and use the magnets above the keyboard. The keys on this mini keyboard are molded into the folio's cover portion. However, unlike similar keyboards that include only touch keys, the Logitech uses actual keys. These keys provide better tactile feedback for more effective typing.

The Logitech Fabricskin Folio is available for approximately $149.99 if purchased from Logitech. Various cover materials and colors are available.

Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case

Using magnetic strips, Belkin's new mini keyboard and case offers three different viewing configurations for the iPad. Simply place the iPad in contact with one of the strips, and the Bluetooth connection automatically powers the keyboard on. The keyboard powers down as soon as you break the magnetic connection.

A black version and a silver version of this case are currently available. The white version is composed of aluminum on the bottom and top of the case, while the black version is not, making the white version a more lightweight choice. This case is available for approximately $100 if purchased directly from Belkin.

ClamCase Pro

The ClamCase Pro is designed to approximate the look and feel of a standard laptop as closely as possible. However, this mini keyboard is also the most expensive one of the bunch.

To use the ClamCase Pro, insert your tablet into the ClamCase's lid. With that done, the configuration resembles a laptop with no trackpad. Magnets turn the machine on and off as the case is opened and closed.

You can also return the tablet to its original form without removing it from the case by folding the screen under the keyboard. However, the keys are exposed when holding the unit in this way. The keys won't be active, but it feels a bit strange.

Of all the mini keyboards mentioned here, the ClamCase Pro offers the best typing experience. It is available for $169 when purchased directly from ClamCase.

Making a Choice

Every mini keyboard offers advantages and disadvantages. To make the best choice for your tablet, consider the features that are most important to you. It also helps to try different mini keyboards before purchasing to find the one that feels most natural.