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Which eReader Is Best For Me?

According to a recent Forbes article, an estimated 48.6 million Americans used an eReader at least once a month in 2012. This represented nearly a 44 percent increase over 2011 numbers. The number of Americans using eReaders is expected to rise in the coming years. The same article also reported that 11 percent of book readers now strictly use digital means when it comes to their reading selections.

Are you one of the millions that have finally decided to take the plunge and invest in an eReader only to find yourself somewhat bewildered by all the options that are available to you? Aside from the tablet vs. eReader debate, there are tons of straight eReader options out there to choose from.

How do you know which one is the right choice for you?

Tablet vs. eReader

This is a debate that’s sure to rage on for a while. The first thing you need to consider is whether you’re looking for something to function simply as an eReader or if you want something with a little more functionality. Basic eReaders with e ink displays are readable – even in direct sunlight. This makes them perfect to take along for beach reading, kids’ softball practice, and any other activities or locations that would make reading impossible on a tablet device. However, if you want something with more features, you might be happier with a tablet.

Battery Life

This is an important consideration. Battery life varies greatly depending on how heavily you use your eReader, how many pages you turn, and whether or not you leave the Wi-Fi on. Kindle’s e-ink reader with keyboard, for example, lasts up to two months on a single charge if the Wi-Fi is disabled and about ten days with the Wi-Fi on. Many owners choose to leave the Wi-Fi off unless they want to look for books or load new books onto their devices. People report similar results while using Nook’s Simple Touch and when using Amazon Kindle’s Paperwhitedevices. Tablet devices, by comparison, typically range from 7.5 to 11 hours on a single charge.


Price is a major concern for struggling families everywhere. Kindle offers a few hefty benefits in the price department. First, Amazon offers a lower price on eReaders if readers are willing to receive special offers. Additionally, membership in Amazon Prime costs a yearly fee and provides readers with several “perks” – one of which is borrowing one free Kindle book per month. Finally, there are hundreds of free eBooks to download from Amazon on any given day. This provides readers the opportunity to explore new writers and helps them keep their eBook budgets in check.

Barnes and Noble’s Nook also offers a few low-cost eReader options without the special offer requirement with an impressive selection of Nook books free of charge. The good news for you, as a consumer, is that there is stiff competition driving prices down on eReaders in general. The odds are good that you’ll be able to find an excellent eReader in your budget – even if it lacks a few bells and whistles the newer models offer.


You’ll find that eReaders come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Like most eReader features, size comes down to a matter of preference. The average screen size for an e ink eReader is about 6 inches. Tablet devices are often larger in size and price than devices that are strictly eReaders. Nook HD comes in a 7” size and Kindle Fire comes in your choice of a 7” display or 8.9” display. The iPad mini is 7.9” and the standard iPad is 9.7”.

Each eReader has a little something special that sets it apart from the others, including amount of memory, quality of backlit display, and processor speed. You’ll have to explore those options and make a selection based on the one reader that offers the options that are most appealing to you – and within your price range. Fortunately, the average eReader is an affordable investment once you consider the benefits that go along with it.

Whichever eReader you end up selecting, make sure you protect your investment with a high quality eReader skin protector.