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  • Fitness Frenzy!

    Check Out Some of the Best Fitness Apps Available

    As we enter a new month, it’s time for updates on your resolutions! Many of us vowed to do, or refrain, from many things. From cutting out bad habits, to developing good ones, our resolutions probably run the gamut of behaviors we want to develop.

    A popular resolution that many of us make is to begin following a consistent workout or dietary regiment. Regardless if you’re pumping iron, or running laps, a surefire way to keep track of your progress is by making use of a smartphone app, many devices even come with some applications pre-installed. But with so many fitness apps available to users on their phones and tablets, how do we determine which ones are best suited to our needs? We’re here to help you sort through the many fitness apps on the market and bring you closer to making a decision when downloading.

    Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal, Inc.Best Skins Ever Calorie Counter

    This calorie counting app for Android boasts the largest food database of any Android calorie counter. Over 3-million foods are listed in the database, and the MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter offers a syncing feature so that data is always available and updatable. Additionally, you may add friends in order to easily track and support each other’s progress. You may set goals, record nutritional information, and much more, making it clear why this calorie counter app is one you’ll want to consider. Continue reading

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