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ipod nano

  • Recent Releases - iPod Touch Skins & iPod Nano Skins

    Apple’s latest innovations on the iPhone 4 have now been expanded to one of their recently released devices, the iPod Touch. This Fall Apple released the new iPod Touch, which starts around $250. The new Touch is just about as cool as the iPhone with all of the same features (except cellular calling capability). It doesn’t require a pricy data or voice calling plan with AT&T. But you can tap into all the web-based apps from any wi-fi connection.

    iPod Touch New Features

    Retina Display – the enhanced 960-by-640 resolution makes everything look even more incredible.

    FaceTime – now the latest feature on the iPhone 4 is incorporated on the new Touch. FaceTime video calling let’s you see your friends and talk to them too.

    HD Video & Editing – The new Touch lets your record, edit and share HD video.

    Game Center – The 4A processor makes for a more amazing gaming experience. Plus, the Game Center lets you play friends anywhere in the world.

    Another new product Apple gave to the us this Fall is the new iPod Nano. Don’t let the size fool you...this little device packs a huge punch for being 46% smaller than its previous generation. One of the most noticeable changes is the absence of buttons on the front. Just a tap or a swipe your music will come alive! Here are a few of the newest features setting this little guy apart from its predecessors:

    Ipod Nano New Features

    Multi-Touch Screen – The 1.5-inch color display with 240-by-240 pixel

    resolution shows off album art, photos and color-coordinated wallpaper. Plus your music is just a tap or swipe away.

    Built-In Clip – The new clip enables you to attach the Nano to more places that are convenient for you…sleeve, jacket, purse and wherever you want to go.

    If you’ve just picked up one of the latest iPods then you’ll definitely want to keep it looking shiny and new for a long time.  With our clean and sleek skins your iPod will be sure to perform better, longer, & faster…not to mention it will keep feeding your unhealthy obsession to keep things shiny. You can shop iPod Skins now that start for around $5.

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