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  • Best Skins Ever Screen Protectors: Matte vs. Glossy

    When choosing one of our screen protectors for your personal electronics it's best to understand the benefits and trade-offs of our original glossy film and our recently added matte film.  Both are a great options but this brief pictorial guide will help you decide which is the best selection for your situation.

    Glossy:  This was the film that made us famous.  The original glossy film is crystal clear and highly smudge resistant in it's own right.  If unobstructed screen clarity is your highest objective when choosing screen protection the original glossy film is your best choice.

    Matte:  Pronounced "mat", describes the term as "having a dull or lusterless surface".  This low shine alternative has a unique look and nearly eliminates smudges and screen glare.  The trade off, however, is a reduction of the sharpness of the screen.  While some users find this to be a worth-while sacrifice and may barely notice the loss of clarity, others find the effect to be too distracting.  This effect also seems to be more dramatic on devices where the physical distance between the glass and the screen pixels is greater.

    Below are some excellent side by side examples of the matte and glossy film on the screen of an iPhone 5S.  The photos haven't been doctored and we feel fairly represent the look of both film options on most devices.  On the close up shots, you will notice that you can clearly see the pixels under the glossy film but they look somewhat fuzzy under the matte film.

    Glossy vs matte, screen on. Glossy vs matte, screen on.
    Glossy vs matte, screen off Glossy vs matte, screen off
    Glossy vs matte, close up on iPhone 5S calendar screen. Glossy vs matte, close up on iPhone 5S calendar screen.
    Glossy vs matte, close up on iPhone 5S stock app screen. Glossy vs matte, close up on iPhone 5S stock app screen.
    Glossy vs matte, close up on iPhone 5S maps app screen. Glossy vs matte, close up on iPhone 5S maps app screen.
    Glossy vs matte, close up on iPhone 5S lock screen. Glossy vs matte, close up on iPhone 5S lock screen.
    Matte Skin on Macbook Air, 13 Matte Skin on Macbook Air, 13"
  • Best Winter Traveling Smartphone Apps for 2013

    Cooler weather and shorter days remind people that winter is on the way. If you are like many people who prefer to drive to holiday gatherings, you need to be ready for any weather, traffic situation or emergency that might leave you stranded. Smartphone apps can give drivers potentially life-saving help and other essential information to ensure safety on the road.

    Winter Survival Kit - As one of the most important free apps on the market for winter, this survival kit is available for both Android (versions 2.2 and higher,) and iOS platforms. You can store your emergency telephone numbers in the app. Once your GPS on your phone is enabled the app can find you and contact roadside assistance or 911 in emergencies.

    Storm Shield NOAA Weather Radio App - If you don't already have a battery-powered solar emergency weather radio, this is an important app to have. Available from Google Play for Android, and the iTunes store for iPhone for $4.99, this app will give you voice-activated or push notification alerts of major life-threatening weather situations. It allows you to have a NOAA weather radio on your smartphone.

    The Waze Social GPS and Maps is a must have app for all travelers. A great feature of this app is when actual drivers give live, up-to-the-the-minute information about bad weather, traffic jams, accidents, and speed traps. It will also help in situations where navigation device don't have current information. It is available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

    GasBuddy - Anyone who drives will benefit from GasBuddy, an app that is available on Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows platforms. If you're on the road it will alert you to nearby gas stations and give prices. It also keeps track of the cheapest gas prices. It even calculates the cost of gas needed for a trip.

    The database keeps track of gas prices all across the United States and in Canada. The app relies on drivers to report gas and to keep the data up-to-date. Active participation earns you points toward entries into weekly contests for $250 free major brand gas cards.

  • November Apple Releases 2013: iPad Air and iPad Mini With Retina Display

    At the live media event in San Francisco on October 22, 2013, Apple announced the upcoming release of the iPad Air, the fifth generation of the popular tablet. Although the iPad Air is the iPad 5, the number refers only to its generation as it pertains to upgrades to the model. Apple also announced that it would replace the iPad 4, but the full-size version of the device, the iPad 2, will still be available.

    The newest tablet was released on Friday, November 1st, in time to generate enough buzz to drive sales up over the Christmas holiday season.

    What's New in the iPad Air?


    The new iPad Air features a 9.7-inch display, a sleek, thin design, an updated processor chip, and improved pixel quality on both the front and rear cameras. It is 20% thinner than the older iPad 4, and weighs only 1lb.

    The 64-bit processor will have an A7 chip, the same chip that Apple put in the iPhone 5. There will be Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + cellular versions available, and the cellular versions will be multi-LTE band reception.

    Benefits from Previous iPad Versions

    Apple is boasting that by replacing the old processor with the new one, the tablet will be 8x faster than the first model. The graphics processor will be 72x faster than the original. The 32-watt rechargeable lithium battery should power the device for 10 hours. The new iPad Air is 7.5 mm thick, 240 mm high, and 169 mm wide, and the 1lb weight makes it the lightest tablet on the market.

    As with previous iPad models, several versions will be sold, with different hard drive capacities. The cheapest model is a 16 GB, followed by 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB versions.

    iPad Mini With Retina Display

    In another big announcement, Apple revealed that a new version of the iPad Mini with Retina Display would be available by the end of November. The new, updated version of the iPad Mini is a 7.9-inch device with screen resolution of 2,048 x 1536. It will contain the same 64-bit A7 processor used in the iPad Air, and a M7 motion coprocessor. Another difference is that the retina display results in a heavier device than the previous version. Like the iPad Air, the new mini will come in 16 GB to 120 GB versions with both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi+ cell capability.

    You can find protective skins for the iPad Air at Best Skins Ever by clicking here

  • What's new with the iPad Air

    Just in time for holiday shopping, tech conglomerate Apple announced the unveiling of its newest version of the iPad - the iPad Air. This new version of the popular tablet is lighter and thinner than ever before, thus making it more portable and easier to store. It also features several upgrades from the iPad 4, including a significant increase in processing speed and power. Continue reading

  • Apple Announces the release of the iPad Air

    On October 22, Apple announced the iPad Air. This latest version of the iPad tablet is the thinnest, lightest tablet Apple has produced to date. The design is similar to that of the iPad mini. The device weighs only one pound, making it 28% lighter than the previous version, the iPad 4. The screen on the iPad Air is approximately 9.7 inches wide. It comes complete with Retina Display and 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution. Although the screen is virtually the same size, the device comes with a smaller bezel to make it more compact. The iPad Air is also 20% thinner than its predecessor, with a thickness of only 7.5 mm. Continue reading

  • Apple Announces the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C!

    On September 10th, Apple unveiled its two newest iPhone models to the public: the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5S is geared toward the higher end of the market, while the iPhone 5C is the less expensive version of the two and is designed to serve customers with a smaller tech budget. Both phones are an upgrade from the current models available, the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S. Apple will continue to offer the iPhone 4S as a free alternative while the iPhone 5 is being discontinued. Continue reading

  • We now offer da Vinci Cases !

    Best Skins Ever has had our niche in the world of invisible Skins for hand-held electronic device protection that has worked very well for us, but we have wanted to expand that offering beyond Skin protection.  So we searched, we reviewed, we searched some more and finally found a unique and artistic line of cases to add to our product offering.

    We are very pleased to announce the addition of da Vinci Case, which is anything but ordinary. Select between the iPhone 4 BUMPER and TOUGH da Vinci Cases in a variety of designs.  We also offer a selection of designs for the iPhone 5 TOUGH case. Continue reading

  • Releasing the Microsoft Surface Pro - On Sale

    According to Microsoft, the Surface is a revolutionary new device that is so different, it’s defying categorization. It’s a tablet that runs Office apps. Click in the keyboard and it’s a laptop, too. With ports galore, it’s the one device that does what you need and want to do.

    Best Skins Ever offers Skin unique protection for the Microsoft Surface Pro.  We offer both the glossy and matte options for this device and many of our other product offerings. Continue reading

  • Skin released for the BlackBerry Q10 - On Sale.

    The BlackBerry Q10 cell phone has now been released in the UK, Canada and with various carriers in the US. The Q10 along with the Z10 (released earlier this year) use the BB10 operating system.

    Best Skins Ever offers Skin protection for the Blackberry Q10 and the BlackBerry Z10 at our everyday affordable prices.  We offer both glossy and matte options for our newer Skins. Continue reading

  • Best Skins Ever Revitalizes Website and Packaging Receives an Upgrade

    For Release July 2, 2013

    Best Skins Ever Revitalizes Website and Packaging Receives an Upgrade

    Online retailer of clear protective covers for electronics launches new customer-focused website and newly branded packaging.

    Westminster, CO - July 2, 2013 - Best Skins Ever (BSE), the premier online retailer and manufacturer of clear skin and screen protectors for electronics devices, announces the official launch of a newly redesigned website and improved product packaging.

    Best Skins Ever decided it was time to give their website a well-deserved upgrade with a more modern look and feel. Their redesigned website provides a product-focused experience while incorporating user-friendly features. Continue reading

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