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Matte Skins

  • Best Skins Ever Screen Protectors: Matte vs. Glossy

    When choosing one of our screen protectors for your personal electronics it's best to understand the benefits and trade-offs of our original glossy film and our recently added matte film.  Both are a great options but this brief pictorial guide will help you decide which is the best selection for your situation.

    Glossy:  This was the film that made us famous.  The original glossy film is crystal clear and highly smudge resistant in it's own right.  If unobstructed screen clarity is your highest objective when choosing screen protection the original glossy film is your best choice.

    Matte:  Pronounced "mat", describes the term as "having a dull or lusterless surface".  This low shine alternative has a unique look and nearly eliminates smudges and screen glare.  The trade off, however, is a reduction of the sharpness of the screen.  While some users find this to be a worth-while sacrifice and may barely notice the loss of clarity, others find the effect to be too distracting.  This effect also seems to be more dramatic on devices where the physical distance between the glass and the screen pixels is greater.

    Below are some excellent side by side examples of the matte and glossy film on the screen of an iPhone 5S.  The photos haven't been doctored and we feel fairly represent the look of both film options on most devices.  On the close up shots, you will notice that you can clearly see the pixels under the glossy film but they look somewhat fuzzy under the matte film.

    Glossy vs matte, screen on. Glossy vs matte, screen on.

    Glossy vs matte, screen off Glossy vs matte, screen off

    Glossy vs matte, close up on iPhone 5S calendar screen. Glossy vs matte, close up on iPhone 5S calendar screen.

    Glossy vs matte, close up on iPhone 5S stock app screen. Glossy vs matte, close up on iPhone 5S stock app screen.

    Glossy vs matte, close up on iPhone 5S maps app screen. Glossy vs matte, close up on iPhone 5S maps app screen.

    Glossy vs matte, close up on iPhone 5S lock screen. Glossy vs matte, close up on iPhone 5S lock screen.

    Matte Skin on Macbook Air, 13 Matte Skin on Macbook Air, 13"

  • Matte vs Glossy Skins

    Choosing the right cell phone is difficult, but choosing accessories for your phone can be just as challenging. With so many options available, it's hard to decide what you want. For example, today's cell phone skins are available in two primary forms: matte and glossy. Either type of skin will protect your screen from damage and keep it looking new, but the other characteristics of these two types of skins differ from one another considerably. Each type of skin offers both advantages and disadvantages, which are described in detail below.

    Pros and Cons of Matte Skins

    Matte skins are relatively new to the cell phone skin market. They provide a sophisticated, satin finish to the screen that many users enjoy. These skins greatly enhance the look of the cell phone, while simultaneously protecting the screen from scratches, oil and other damage. When compared to a glossy skin, matte skins also minimize the appearance of smudges and fingerprints, and they won't contribute to glare from the sun or other sources of light.

    However, because matte skins are not completely transparent like glossy skins, they slightly distort images on the screen. In addition, because the matte finish is new, it isn't available for every phone model.

    Pros and Cons to Using a Glossy Skin

    Glossy skins have been around longer than matte skins and are a common choice among cell phone users. They are completely transparent, which eliminates any potential for image distortion on the screen. They are also compatible with most devices, regardless of how old or new they are. Glossy cell phone skins also add a bit of a shine to the screen, which users often find appealing.

    If you decide to go with a glossy skin – beware of fingerprints and smudges!

    Glossy and Matte Skins from Best Skins Ever

    Best Skins Ever now offers both glossy and matte cell phone skins at an affordable price. Glossy skins are available for most cell phone models, and matte skins are available for most new devices and best sellers. Best Skins Ever suggests matte skins for certain devices, but it ultimately leaves the choice to the customer.

    Because both types of skins have strong advantages, choosing the right skin for your phone usually comes down to a matter of preference. Consider the advantages of each type of skin, and make your final choice based on the features you deem most important.

    To learn more about Best Skins Ever's options for your phone, visit our website and select your phone model. Full descriptions of each product are available. If we don't have the skin you're looking for, feel free to send us an email describing your request, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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