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Screen Protectors

  • Best Skins Ever Screen Protectors: Matte vs. Glossy

    When choosing one of our screen protectors for your personal electronics it's best to understand the benefits and trade-offs of our original glossy film and our recently added matte film.  Both are a great options but this brief pictorial guide will help you decide which is the best selection for your situation.

    Glossy:  This was the film that made us famous.  The original glossy film is crystal clear and highly smudge resistant in it's own right.  If unobstructed screen clarity is your highest objective when choosing screen protection the original glossy film is your best choice.

    Matte:  Pronounced "mat", describes the term as "having a dull or lusterless surface".  This low shine alternative has a unique look and nearly eliminates smudges and screen glare.  The trade off, however, is a reduction of the sharpness of the screen.  While some users find this to be a worth-while sacrifice and may barely notice the loss of clarity, others find the effect to be too distracting.  This effect also seems to be more dramatic on devices where the physical distance between the glass and the screen pixels is greater.

    Below are some excellent side by side examples of the matte and glossy film on the screen of an iPhone 5S.  The photos haven't been doctored and we feel fairly represent the look of both film options on most devices.  On the close up shots, you will notice that you can clearly see the pixels under the glossy film but they look somewhat fuzzy under the matte film.

    Glossy vs matte, screen on. Glossy vs matte, screen on.

    Glossy vs matte, screen off Glossy vs matte, screen off

    Glossy vs matte, close up on iPhone 5S calendar screen. Glossy vs matte, close up on iPhone 5S calendar screen.

    Glossy vs matte, close up on iPhone 5S stock app screen. Glossy vs matte, close up on iPhone 5S stock app screen.

    Glossy vs matte, close up on iPhone 5S maps app screen. Glossy vs matte, close up on iPhone 5S maps app screen.

    Glossy vs matte, close up on iPhone 5S lock screen. Glossy vs matte, close up on iPhone 5S lock screen.

    Matte Skin on Macbook Air, 13 Matte Skin on Macbook Air, 13"

  • Best Skins Ever June 2012 Gadget Round Up

    Welcome to June’s Best Skins Ever Gadget round up. Here, we bring you the latest and hottest news, rumors, stories and trends for your favorite electronics that we are committed to protecting.

    Apple looks to iPad Mini, iPhone 5 to deliver 'exciting' September? (CNET)

    Once again the iPhone 5 and iPad mini rumors continue to circle the web. From manufacturer blue prints to “inside sources,” all speculation continues to point towards a September release of Apple’s newest smartphone and tablet upgrades.  While there’s no solid evidence that either product exists even in a developmental stage, Apple fans across the globe will be looking to early fall for some sort of hardware update. In the mean time, owners of The new iPad and iPhone 4 remain at the top of the Apple product food chain.

    Recommended Products: iPad 3 Skins , iPhone Skins


    Google to Sell Nexus Smartphones and Tablets Direct (Mashable)

    Google is cutting out the middleman as they begin to directly sell Nexus android phones and tablets. This powerplay allows Google to take back some control from carriers that install their own services on Droid phones and tablets while blocking certain Google apps & services. Not to mention, the move will prove to be more lucrative for the tech giant.

    Recommended Products: Droid Skins , Google Nexus Skin , Tablet Skins

    Samsung Galaxy S III Landing on Five U.S. Carriers in June (PCWorld)

    Late June will mark Samsung’s release of the newest Galaxy S Android phone in the US. The American version of the Samsung Galaxy S III, which debuted overseas boasting a quad-core Exynos processor, will carry a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor. The consumer tech giant has not disclosed the reasoning behind a different processor for the US version.

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  • Nikon Camera Skins - On Sale

    Just in time for all your summer activities and on sale for a short period of time.

    We now offer Skins for the following Nikon cameras:





    If you don't see the camera Skin that you need, just contact our Support Team and they can help you out!

  • Last Day - BOGO Memorial Day Sale

    Thanks for taking the few moments to get out of the pool and dry your hands or step away from your BBQ just long enough to order your new clear protective skin and save!

    Buy One Skin, Get Any Other Skin (of equal or lesser value) Free! Last Day is Wed., May 30th.

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  • Sale - Memorial Day Deals from Best Skins Ever

    Looking for great protection for your electronic devices?

    Just in time for the Memorial Day Sale from Best Skins Ever!

    Buy One Skin, Get Any Other Skin (of equal or lesser value) Free!

    Get the invisible protection for your cell phones, MacBooks, iPads and other tablets before your summer activities get going and your devices get scratched up?  Check out our opportunities for Free Shipping to the U.S.

  • BOGO - Memorial Day Sale!

    Now Promoting our Memorial Day Weekend Sale!

    When you are honoring those who served at a backyard BBQ or swimming in your neighborhood pool, whatever your pleasure may be, we’ve got something you don’t want to miss! With our Memorial Day Weekend Sale you buy one, you get one.

    Buy One Skin, Get Any Other Skin (of equal or lesser value) Free!

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  • Finding Cell Phone Skins Right for You & Your Phone

    Cell phone skins are sold by the truckload — you can even find them at grocery stores. It’s possible to get skins in a variety of colors and styles, featuring everything from beautiful nature scenes to famous animated characters. However, those cookie-cutter cell phone skins are made to fit on a wide variety of phones and models — even across different brands. To get a perfect fit for your phone, you need a custom skin that was made precisely for the phone you have, and not one of several dozen different phone models.

    Custom Skins

    When you get an iPhone skin from Best Skins Ever, you get a skin that’s specifically made for that phone. Every cutout is perfectly sized, every measurement is perfectly accurate. The skin has gaps exactly where it needs to, but no excess space or inaccuracies. Android phones are similar in shape and size to Apple models, but the Android skins from Best Skins Ever aren’t the same as the Apple skins. They’re made for specific Android models, so you can be certain you’ll get a perfect fit. No trimming, no shifting, no “playing around” to get the skin to look just so. Skins are made precisely for the specific phone you pick, so you have a custom fit every single time. The look is always perfect, but smartphone skins aren’t just about looks.

    These scratchproof skins actually protect electronic devices, guarding those thin plastic casings against abrasions and wear. Everyone tries to be careful with his or her expensive gadgets, but even the steadiest hands aren’t perfect. A single tremor, a stiff wind, a sudden surprise — and suddenly that iPhone is spinning toward the ground below. One wrong fall, even a loose hangnail can put a scratch in those thin, plastic cases. Protective skins guard against general wear, tear and accidental abrasions. It's your investment, and your device. Why not protect it?

    Protective Screen Covers

    The most sensitive part of electronic devices, from cell phones to laptops, is the screen. If you’re getting a new phone skin or a protective skin for any electronic device, make sure it comes with scratchproof cell phone screen protectors, too.

  • Screen Protectors for your eReader

    Electronic devices like eReaders are helping to change the world, and open up brand-new possibilities for users of all ages. While your multi-function smartphone may be a little too much for your parents or grandparents to handle, pretty much anyone can figure out how to use a Kindle, Nook or any of the other eReaders that bring the written word to the device-using masses. However, owning an eReader doesn’t make them experts, and that’s why protective skins are so important. Have you ever tried reading a book with a ripped page? Imagine what it would be like if every page was ripped.

    Electronic Reading

    The eReader craze has flooded the market with brand-new material, opening the world up to a wealth of new writing and entertainment that was never available before. From classics to underground fiction, it’s possible to download just about any kind of book onto an eReader device -— and the world is paying attention. The Nook, the Kindle and the many other eReaders out there are becoming the must-have tablet devices of gadget lovers and readers everywhere.

    Even those who aren’t electronics-savvy can be book fans who want a little reading material, and few electronic devices are as simple to use as an eReader. However, not everyone knows how to keep those electronic devices safe. It’s just like owning a car — you can’t buy one and suddenly become a great driver. And you can’t buy an eReader and magically become an electronics expert. Thankfully, there are real experts out there who know how to help.

    Tablet Skins

    New apps available on eReaders make them function more like tablets, which can be used to do everything from reading books to surfing the web. But no matter what you’re doing, you want to protect that device. Casual finger-flicking through pages can become extremely damaging if you’ve got a hangnail, a ragged edge on a fingernail, a diamond ring that flipped itself around the wrong way. When you’re in the middle of some fascinating reading material, what are the odds that you’re going to notice something so small?

    Just one casual movement, and that diamond can tear a scratch right across your screen. That nail can create a jagged mark. Suddenly, every single page of that fascinating ebook has a blemish right across it. Reading isn’t so fun now. All of this can be avoided…with the right tablet skin to protect you.

    eReader Screen Protectors actually guard against scratches. The scratch-proof skins resist abrasions, wear and tear to keep that screen crystal clear. If you think that skins are just something for decoration, you're wrong. The right screen protectors aren’t just made for putting fun colors and detailed designs on your favorites electronic device, they actually protect them from general use and unexpected scratches. Whether you get a full tablet skin or just the protective screen cover, get something to keep your eReader looking perfect. Because what good is an electronic book, when the pages can still look ripped and weird when you’re trying to read them?

  • HTC Rezound Skins now shipping

    Our HTC Rezound Skin providing invisible protection for your shiny new device is on sale for a short period of time from Best Skins Ever.

    Precision designed Skins at an affordable price for all your new electronic devices.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note Skins from Best Skins Ever

    The Samsung Galaxy Note (International) Skins are now Available and On Sale for a short period of time.

    Protecting your new on-the-go smartphone from day one is the absolute best way to ensure that it stays shiny and scratch-free and looking brand new for months or years.

    Affordable clear protection from Best Skins Ever.

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